Equipping Classes (Sun PM)

Our Sunday night discipleship offerings usually rotate on a seasonal schedule, with 10-12 week courses in the spring, summer and fall, and a mini-course in January. These groups offer training in a variety of areas, but most classes fall into these general categories:
  • In-depth studies on particular books of the Bible
  • Theology and related issues, like ethics or apologetics
  • Parenting
  • Marriage
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Leadership training
Discipleship classes run from 6:00-7:30 pm. Activities for babies, preschoolers, elementary-aged kids and middle and high-schoolers are also available during any regular Sunday night classes.

At the Creek, we use a four-level system to organize our discipleship classes. Anyone is welcome at any class at any time, but these levels might help you understand which class you may fit in best.

Level 1: Basic Christian doctrines, spiritual disciplines, Old and New Testament Introductions, and one on one guidance for new believers.
Level 2:  Further study of Christian doctrines, basic witness training, discovering spiritual gifts, and serving in the local body of Christ.
Level 3:  In-depth study of books of the Bible, apologetics, ethics, and special studies on finances, parenting, marriage, and much more.
Level 4:  Biblical Intervention training, mentor training, and developing mentoring relationships.

Fall Equipping Classes: September 9 - November 18 

Foundations 2 • Level 1
Facilitated by: Pastor John Wright, Mike DiMeglio, and Jason Brown
Building the right foundation is important. This class helps believers understand 
essential Biblical truths in a clear and 
meaningful way. This class will address 
doctrinal questions including: 
* How does the Holy Spirit work in my life? 
* What is the purpose of the church? 
* What happens when a person dies? 
* When and how will Christ return in the end? 

What Every Christian Needs to Know • Level 1
Facilitated by: Pastor Jim Gillespie & Pastor John Wright
This class provides both new and seasoned Christians with biblical knowledge and practical steps to grow deep spiritual roots. Lessons include assurance of salvation, how to know your spiritual gift, and what to do when a Christian sins. Gain confidence in your faith and be better equipped to be a disciple who makes disciples. 

Evangelism Class • Level 2
Facilitated by: Pastor Jim Gillespie
You were born for this. God hardwired you for this. I'm talking about sharing Jesus with others. Evangelism is less about delivering a polished presentation and more about having a real conversation. God has created you to bring glory to Himself by sharing Jesus with others, and you don’t need years of training to obey what He already made you to do. 

Men Equipping Men • Level 1
Facilitated by: Chris Boren
Men Equipping Men is a class for men of all ages who wish to grow and mature in their faith. This class serves to instruct men in the disciplines of the Christian faith so that they may grow in their walk with Christ and be equipped to disciple others, starting with their families and then other men in the church. We will study these six spiritual disciplines: Bible Study, Prayer, Worship, Service, Evangelism, and Giving. Other topics to be addressed are forgiveness, godly living amidst ungodly circumstances, and personal responsibility. This class will 
include corporate teaching as well as small group accountability and encouragement. 

Every Man's Battle •  Level 2
Facilitated by: Joe Tomberlin 
Winning the war on sexual temptation is Every Man’s Battle. Through Bible study, open accountability, and classroom discussion we will confront impure thoughts, pornography, and the root of all sexual temptation, namely lust. We cannot avoid temptations; however, we can have total victory through the cross of Jesus Christ. 

Women Equipping Women •  Level 1
Facilitated by: Amy Penner
WEW is a class for women of all ages and stages of life who want to grow in the areas of personal Bible Study, Prayer, Worship, Evangelism, Service, and Giving. WEW serves to instruct women about the disciplines of the Christian faith in order that they may incorporate them into their lives, grow in Christlikeness, and then disciple others. Each class consists of corporate teaching, followed by small group accountability and encouragement. 
Marriage God's Way •  Level 2
Facilitated by: Richard and Susanne Bailey
Our culture has a tainted view of marriage consumed with selfishness, pride, and 
twisted truths that leads to destruction and hopelessness. However, God's Word teaches us the truth about marriage, showing us His purpose and plans for this incredible relationship. While Satan attempts to deceive us and destroy our marriages, Marriage God’s Way will teach how God intended marriage to be and how to strengthen your marriage.  Whether you are considering marriage one day, are recent newly weds, or have been married for years, this class is for you!
The Book of Jonah •  Level 2
Facilitated by: Faith Cross and Elizabeth Rodriguez
Do you think of a big fish when you think of the book of Jonah? Many do not know this story is not about a fish at all. Join us as we uncover the true meaning of this powerful little book. We will learn about God’s grace and compassion for all His creation and gain a deeper understanding of His plan for us as messengers of the Gospel. Jonah reminds us, as Gospel stewards, we are to rightly reflect Christ to a lost and dying world.

The Book of Daniel •  Level 2
Facilitated by: Dr. David Jones 
How should Christians relate to the secular state? Can believers work in government? Where is history headed? Can anyone know the timing of Jesus’ return and the end of the age? These important questions are all touched upon in the 2,500-year-old book of Daniel. Come join us for a ten week study of this rich book!

Deaf & Hard of Hearing 
Facilitated by: Bridget Kennedy
ASL - Sign Choir
Sunday’s (4-5:30 pm) in Modular E-1 
Beginnner’s Sign Language Class
Sunday’s (6-7:30 pm) in Room 119