Equipping Classes (Sun PM)

Our Sunday night discipleship offerings usually rotate on a seasonal schedule, with 10-12 week courses in the spring, summer and fall, and a mini-course in January. These groups offer training in a variety of areas, but most classes fall into these general categories:
  • In-depth studies on particular books of the Bible
  • Theology and related issues, like ethics or apologetics
  • Parenting
  • Marriage
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Leadership training
Discipleship classes run from 6:00-7:30 pm. Activities for babies, preschoolers, elementary-aged kids and middle and high-schoolers are also available during any regular Sunday night classes.

At the Creek, we use a four-level system to organize our discipleship classes. Anyone is welcome at any class at any time, but these levels might help you understand which class you may fit in best.

Level 1: Basic Christian doctrines, spiritual disciplines, Old and New Testament Introductions, and one on one guidance for new believers.
Level 2:  Further study of Christian doctrines, basic witness training, discovering spiritual gifts, and serving in the local body of Christ.
Level 3:  In-depth study of books of the Bible, apologetics, ethics, and special studies on finances, parenting, marriage, and much more.
Level 4:  Biblical Intervention training, mentor training, and developing mentoring relationships.
2017 Summer Term Equipping Classes :: June 25 - August 20  | 
Check out the class listings below:

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Foundations :: Level 1

Pastor John Wright & Mike DiMeglio

Building on the right foundation is important. The class helps believers understand essential Bibilcal truths in a clear and meaniningful way. You’ll make lasting friendships, enjoy sweet fellowship, and establish a solid foundation in your faith. This class will address doctrinal questions such as: 
* Where did the Bible originate? 
* What has God accomplished in my 
* How does the Holy Spirit work in my life? 
* When and how will Christ return in the future?

Men Equipping Men (MEM) :: Level 2

Pastor Jim Gillespie 

Men Equipping Men is a class for men of all ages who wish to grow and mature in their faith. This class serves to instruct men in the disciplines of the Christian faith so that they may grow in their walk with Christ and be equipped to disciple others, starting with their family and then other men in the church. We will study these six spiritual disciplines: Bible Study, Prayer, Worship, Service, Evangelism, and Giving. Other topics to be addressed are forgiveness, Godly living amidst ungodly circumstances, and personal responsibility. This class will include corporate teaching as well as small group accountability and encouragement. 

An Extraordinary Mission for Ordinary People :: Level 2

Pastor Mike Fry 

Have you ever wondered “How can I regularly be on mission with God with such a busy life
schedule?” Richland Creek is richly blessed with members growing in their walk with the Lord through everyday life who witness of Jesus and make disciples in local, national, and international settings. All are of equal value. This class will weave testimonies of Creekers living a missional life in the settings mentioned above with mission theology, history, global statistics, application, and personal planning. All people ranging from 18 to 120 in age are welcome. Hope to see you there! 

Apologetics :: Level 3

Pastor Brian Merritt 

We are all called upon to be ready to make a reasoned defense of our faith to those who ask (I Peter 3:15), but sometimes the questions asked are pretty tough. “What is the meaning of life?” “Where do moral values come from?” “What makes Jesus so unique?” This course will examine these and other hard questions asked by skeptics or those persons struggling to get a grip on life and faith. Equip yourself, be challenged, be encouraged! 

Introduction to Christian Ethics :: Level 3

Dr. David Jones   

The ethical issues in our society can present a moral maze for Christians. How can believers use Scripture to address ethical questions and speak truth into our communities? Are the 10 commandments still relevant? Does the Bible even address the moral questions being asked by society? This class is designed to help Christians better understand how to use the Bible in addressing moral issues. Additionally this class will survey selected ethical topics that are relevant in the contemporary society, exploring them from a Biblical worldview. 

The Book of Genesis :: Level 3

Pastor John Nyota

Genesis serves as a foundation to the whole Bible. As such, we need to have a good grasp of Genesis in order to understand God’s Word to its fullest. Genesis tells us who God is, about His creation and His design for mankind, how things went wrong, and His plan to restore all of creation back to the way He intended it to be. Join us for an in-depth study of this fascinating book. 

The Book of I & II Thessalonians :: Level 3

Jason Brown 

Paul’s letters to the church in Thessalonica are full of both encouragement and insight. Paul’s heart for this church was that they be sanctified and ready for service in the Kingdom until the Lord comes again. Join us as we will learn how to follow Paul and be imitators of the Lord.