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Acts: The Word of God to the End of the Earth

The Book of Acts explodes with God's plan to spread His Word from Jerusalem to the Ends of the Earth. Acts is the only divinely inspired history of the early church - providing incredible insights into the first three decades of the early church (~ A.D. 30-63). The Book of Acts is action packed, deep in theology, and challenges believers to continue the God-given mission of making disciples through the spreading of the gospel. Acts is a treasure! It serves as medicine for a stagnant faith. The Holy Spirit compels the church onward, using people who committed their ways to Jesus Christ to triumph through trials and to overcome great obstacles - all to the glory of God. While this book is often referred to as "The Acts of the Apostles," perhaps a more accurate title would be "The Acts of the Holy Spirit."

Date Title Speaker
8/21/2011 The Word of God: A Prelude to the Book of Acts David Sims
9/11/2011 You Shall Be My Witnesses {Acts 1:1-8}Acts 1:1-8 David Sims
9/18/2011 The Ascension of Jesus, the Death of Judas, and the Choosing of Matthias {Acts 1:9-26}Acts 1:9-26 David Sims
9/25/2011 Pentecost - The Birth of the Church {Acts 2:1-13}Acts 2:1-13 David Sims
10/2/2011 Peter's Pentecost Sermon {Acts 2:14-39}Acts 2:14-39 David Sims
10/16/2011 The Kind of Church that God Loves {Acts 2:40-47}Acts 2:40-47 David Sims
10/30/2011 Healing and Teaching - In Jesus' Name {Acts 3:1-26}Acts 3:1-26 David Sims
11/6/2011 The Benefits of Persecution {Acts 4:1-22}Acts 4:1-22 David Sims
11/13/2011 Bold Praying & Generous Giving {Acts 4:23-37}Acts 4:23-37 David Sims
11/20/2011 The Church's Purity and Power {Acts 5:1-16}Acts 5:1-16 David Sims
11/27/2011 The Unstoppable Church {Acts 5:17-42}Acts 5:17-42 David Sims
12/4/2011 Why are Deacons so Important? {Acts 6:1-7}Acts 6:1-7 David Sims
1/8/2012 Stephen's Commentary on the Old Testament (pt 1) {Acts 6:8 - 7:16}Acts 6:8 - 7:16 David Sims
1/15/2012 Stephen's Commentary on the Old Testament (pt 2) {Acts 7:17-60}Acts 7:17-60 David Sims
1/22/2012 Philip and the Sorcerer's Sin {Acts 8:1-25}Acts 8:1-25 David Sims
1/29/2012 Believer's Baptism {Acts 8:26-40}Acts 8:26-40 David Sims
2/5/2012 Has Jesus Changed Your Life? {Acts 9:1-19}Acts 9:1-19 David Sims
2/12/2012 Preaching Christ & the Miraculous {Acts 9:20-43}Acts 9:20-43 David Sims
2/19/2012 Peter's Vision: God's Salvation to All {Acts 10:1-48}Acts 10:1-48 David Sims
2/26/2012 A Forgotten Day in the Life of the Church {Acts 11:1-18}Acts 11:1-18 Winn Crenshaw
3/11/2012 God's Gospel of Grace – a Gift to the Gentiles {Acts 11:1-18}Acts 11:1-18 David Sims
3/18/2012 First Called Christians {Acts 11:19-30}Acts 11:19-30 David Sims
3/25/2012 God, Angels, Persecution, & Prayer {Acts 12:1-25}Acts 12:1-25 David Sims
4/1/2012 The Missions Era Begins {Acts 13:1-12}Acts 13:1-12 David Sims
4/15/2012 Justified by Faith in Christ {Acts 13:13-52}Acts 13:13-52 David Sims
4/22/2012 A Tale of Three Cities {Acts 14:1-28}Acts 14:1-28 David Sims
4/29/2012 The Jerusalem Council: Clarifying the Gospel Pt. 1 {Acts 15:1-21}Acts 15:1-21 David Sims
5/6/2012 The Jerusalem Council: Clarifying the Gospel Pt. 2 {Acts 15:22-41}Acts 15:22-41 David Sims
5/20/2012 The Macedonian Call {Acts 16:1-15}Acts 16:1-15 Finny Matthews
5/27/2012 What Must I Do to be Saved? {Acts 16:16-40}Acts 16:16-40 David Sims
6/3/2012 Turning the World Upside Down {Acts 17:1-15}Acts 17:1-15 David Sims
6/10/2012 The Gospel in Athens {Acts 17:16-34}Acts 17:16-34
6/24/2012 Planting the Church in Corinth {Acts 18:1-17}Acts 18:1-17 David Sims
7/1/2012 How to Sharpen Others {Acts 18:18-28}Acts 18:18-28 David Sims
7/8/2012 The Church at Ephesus {Acts 19:1-10}Acts 19:1-10 David Sims
7/15/2012 The Miracles at Ephesus {Acts 19:11-20}Acts 19:11-20 Brian Merritt
7/29/2012 The Riot in Ephesus {Acts 19:21-41}Acts 19:21-41 David Sims
8/12/2012 A Challenge to Church Leaders {Acts 20:1-38}Acts 20:1-38 David Sims
8/19/2012 What's the Purpose of the Law? {Acts 21:1-25}Acts 21:1-25 David Sims
8/26/2012 Paul's Testimony {Acts 21:26 - 22:21}Acts 21:26 - 22:21 David Sims
9/2/2012 Under Pressure {Acts 22:22 - 23:35}Acts 22:22 - 23:35 David Sims
9/9/2012 The Trial before Felix {Acts 24:1-27}Acts 24:1-27 David Sims
9/16/2012 A Christian before Rulers and Kings {Acts 25}Acts 25 David Sims
9/23/2012 Almost Persuaded to Be a Christian {Acts 26}Acts 26 David Sims
10/7/2012 The Perfect Storm {Acts 27:1-44}Acts 27:1-44 David Sims
10/14/2012 All Roads Lead to Rome {Acts 28:1-16}Acts 28:1-16 David Sims
10/21/2012 Preaching Christ Unhindered {Acts 28:17-31}Acts 28:17-31 David Sims