Small Groups


Children that attend the Children’s Church service at 9:00 a.m. will be escorted by their teachers to the Small Group rooms for classes that begin at 10:15 a.m. Kids attending the 10:15am Children's Church service will be escorted by their teachers to the Small Group rooms for classes that begin at 11:30am. Children must always be accompanied by a parent or members of our servant team.

We are exciting to offer Lifeway's Explore the Bible: Kids Small Group curriculum. This is a book-by-book study for kids that takes them on a journey into Scripture where they'll see the Bible in a way that will make them want to dig deep—building a foundation for life transformation. This curriculum will also allow Creek Kids Small Groups to connect to our Adult and Student Groups.

In each Small Group session, adults and students study the same passage of Scripture while kids study the same concept within the same book, incorporating narrative elements throughout the Bible to create a rich, kid–friendly lesson—especially helpful when it comes to books kids may not understand as easily, such as Jeremiah or Revelation. A family memory verse helps the entire family dwell on each session's concept. 
For example when all age groups study Hebrews, adults, students, and kids will study heroes of the faith, focusing on Hebrews 11:1-7. Kids will add a connection passage in Genesis to understand faith in a deeper way by studying Noah. All ages will take away the central concept of Hebrews 11: a relationship with God begins with faith in Jesus. 

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Class Locations

10:15 a.m.

Kindergarten - Modular D3 (Teachers: Kent & Lana Cooper)
1st grade - Modular D2 (Teachers: Jesse & Jessica Gibson)
2nd grade - Modular D1 (Teachers: Jonathan & Laura Beth Pearce)
3rd grade - Modular C1 (Teachers: Gregg & Susan Collins; Allen Turner)
4th grade - Modular C2 (Teachers: Winston & Nina Harrison)
5th grade - Modular C3 (Teachers: Scott Wilson; Ray McLaughlin)

11:30 a.m.

Kindergarten - Modular D3 (Teachers: Bobby & Amber Medlin)
1st grade - Modular D2 (Teachers: Derek & Erin Fitzpatrick-Jolley)
2nd grade - Modular D1 (Teachers: Jayne Tutterow; Susan Lenihan)
3rd grade - Modular C1 (Teachers: Mike & Maggie Dimeglio)
4th grade - Modular C2 (Teachers: Jeff & Monique Kirsch)
5th grade - Modular C3 (Teachers: Chris & Keri Bosch)

Spring Lesson Schedule: Matthew (Part 2)

Feb. 26 & March 5 – Spiritual Disciplines Study: Prayer

March 12 – Matthew 16:13-28 “Peter Confessed Jesus as Lord” (Session 1)

March 19 – Matthew 17:1-13 “The Transfiguration” (Session 2)

March 26 – Matthew 19:16-26 “The Rich Young Ruler” (Session 3)

April 2 – Matthew 21:1-17; 33-46 “The Triumphal Entry & The Parable of the Vineyard Owner” (Sessions 4-5)

April 9 – Matthew 22:1-14 “Parable of the Wedding Banquet” (Session 6)

April 16 (Easter) – Matthew 28:1-15 “Resurrection Morning” (Session 7)

April 23 – Matthew 24:36-51 “Jesus Will Return” (Session 8)

April 30 – Matthew 26:17-30 “The Last Supper” (Session 9)

May 7 – Matthew 26:36-46 “Jesus Prayed in the Garden” (Session 10)

May 14 – Matthew 26:65-75 “Peter Denied Jesus” (Session 11)

May 21 – Matthew 27:41-52; John 21:1-19 “Breakfast with the Disciples”  (Session 12)

May 28 – Matthew 28:16-20 “The Great Commission” (Session 13)