Life Groups

Creek Kids Elementary Life Groups

Children that attend the Children’s Church service at 9:00 a.m. will be escorted by their teachers to the Life Group rooms for classes that begin at 10:15 a.m. Kids attending the 10:15am Children's Church service will be escorted by their teachers to the Life Group rooms for classes that begin at 11:30am. Children must always be accompanied by a parent or members of our servant team.

Creek Kids Elementary Life Groups invite kids to experience the Bible–from cover to cover–and to encounter Scripture in a way that sticks. Using Lifeway’s “Explore the Bible: Kids,” our Groups help your kids dig deep into God's Word. Utilizing a book-by-book format, every session brings the Bible to life through rich study and engaging Bible objects, equips kids with foundational Bible knowledge and skills, and encourages them to live what they learn everywhere they go.

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Class Locations

10:15 a.m.

Kindergarten - Modular D3 (Teachers: Archie & Bridget Dinglasan)
1st grade - Modular D2 (Teachers: Kent & Lana Cooper)
2nd grade - Modular D1 (Teachers: Adam & Lisa Foss)
3rd grade - Modular C1 (Teachers: Jeff Kirsch; Stephanie Sweeney)
4th grade - Modular C2 (Teachers: Winston Harrison; Michael Gordon)
5th grade - Modular C3 (Teachers: Scott Wilson; Ray McLaughlin)

11:30 a.m.

Kindergarten - Modular D3 (Teachers: Phillip & Ashley Luster)
1st grade - Modular D2 (Teachers: Derek & Erin Fitzpatrick-Jolley; Felicity Newbury)
2nd grade - Modular D1 (Teachers: Don & Jayne Tutterow)
3rd grade - Modular C1 (Teachers: Gunda Taylor; Jessie Yawn; Nancy Kocsi; Lucia Doss)
4th grade - Modular C2 (Teachers: Mike & Maggie Dimeglio)
5th grade - Modular C3 (Teachers: Chris & Keri Bosch)

Winter Lesson Schedule: Christmas, 1 & 2 Peter, Jude, Joshua

Dec. 3 – Matthew 1 “Christmas, Part One” (Session 4)
Dec. 10 – Luke 2 “Christmas, Part Two” (Session 4)
Dec. 17 – Matthew 2 “The Wise Men” (Session 5)
Dec. 24 – No Life Groups
Dec. 31 – No Life Groups
Jan. 7 – 1 Peter 1-2 “Peter’s Letter” (Session 6)
Jan. 14 – 1 Peter 3-5 “Do What is Right” (Session 7)
Jan. 21 – 2 Peter 1-3 “Growing in Faith” (Session 8)
Jan. 28 – Jude 1 “Defend Your Faith” (Session 9)
Feb. 4 – Joshua 3-4 “Crossing The Jordan” (Session 10)
Feb. 11 – Joshua 2; 6 “The Battle of Jericho” (Session 11)
Feb. 18 – Joshua 10 “The Day the Sun Stood Still” (Session 12)
Feb. 25 – Joshua 24 “The Covenant Renewed” (Session 13)