Life Groups

Creek Kids Elementary Life Groups

Children that attend the Children’s Church service at 9:00 a.m. will be escorted by their teachers to the Life Group rooms for classes that begin at 10:15 a.m. Kids attending the 10:15am Children's Church service will be escorted by their teachers to the Life Group rooms for classes that begin at 11:30am. Children must always be accompanied by a parent, pre-approved (by Pastor or ministry area Director) guardian, or members of our servant team.

Creek Kids Elementary Life Groups invite kids to experience the Bible–from cover to cover–and to encounter Scripture in a way that sticks. Using Lifeway’s “The Gospel Project for Kids,” our Groups help your kids dig deep into God's Word. Utilizing a book-by-book format, every session brings the Bible to life through rich study of the grand narrative of Scripture, connecting each lesson to Christ. Our Life Groups help equip kids with foundational Bible knowledge and skills, encouraging them to live what they learn everywhere they go.

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Class Locations

10:15 a.m.

Kindergarten - Modular D3 (Teachers: Lynne Taylor; Kerry & Natalie DuBiel; Mike & Judy Barbour)
1st grade - Modular D2 (Teachers: Kent & Lana Cooper)
2nd grade - Modular D1 (Teachers: Amber Medlin; Mary Carrillo; Shea Raydo)
3rd grade - Modular C1 (Teachers: Stephanie Sweeney; Mike & Erin McFarland)
4th grade - Modular C2 (Teachers: David & Millie Joiner)
5th grade - Modular C3 (Teachers: Scott Wilson; Ray McLaughlin)

11:30 a.m.

Kindergarten - Modular D3 (Teachers: Terrell & Melanie Rogers)
1st grade - Modular D2 (Teachers: Phillip & Ashley Luster)
2nd grade - Modular D1 (Teachers: Lavonna Chilton: Andrew Chilton)
3rd grade - Modular C1 (Teachers: Nancy Kocsi; Michael Gordon)
4th grade - Modular C2 (Teachers: Chris & Keri Bosch)
5th grade - Modular C3 (Teachers: Brandon & Mandy Gayle; Robin Hall; Jonathan Hall)

Winter Lesson Schedule: Out of Egypt (Genesis, Exodus, & Leviticus)

Dec. 2 – Genesis 37 “Joseph Sent to Egypt”

Dec. 9 – Genesis 39-41 “Joseph Explained Dreams”

Dec. 16 –Genesis 42-46; 50 "Joseph Saved His Family"

Dec. 23 – No Life Groups

Dec. 30 – No Life Groups

Jan. 6 –Exodus 5-12 “The Plagues & The Passover”

Jan. 13 –Exodus 13-15 “The Red Sea Crossing”

Jan. 20 –Exodus 15-17 “Bread From Heaven”

Jan. 27 – Exodus 18 “Jethro Helped Moses”

Feb. 3  – Exodus 19-20 “The 10 Commandments”

Feb. 10 – Exodus 32; 34 “The Golden Calf” 

Feb. 17 – Exodus 35-40 “The Tabernacle was Built”

Feb. 24 – Leviticus “Rules for Sacrifice"