Creek Kids Praise

Creek Kids Praise is for all Kindergarten through Fifth Graders and meets on Sunday evenings from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Creek Kids Praise helps kids connect to Christ! Each series gives kids a "big picture" look at the Bible to show how it's all about Jesus. Kids are challenged through large and small group teaching & activities to apply Scripture to their daily lives. Get connected in CKP!


Current Series:

After 70 years of exile God’s people began to return home to Israel. Many returned, but some remained in Persia. In both cases, the Israelites continued to struggle to fully obey God and worship Him only. God continued to pursue His people, desiring that their hearts would return to Him. In this series we will focus on God’s love & patience towards us, and on His plan of rescue provided through faith in Jesus. Get connected to Christ through “The Return” in CKP!

2/11  God Brought His People Home (Ezra 1-3)

2/18  The Temple Was Completed (Ezra 4-6)

2/25  Esther Became Queen (Esther 1-4)

3/04  Esther The Deliverer (Esther 5-10)

3/11  Jerusalem’s Walls Rebuilt (Nehemiah 3-6)

3/18  Ezra Read The Law (Nehemiah 8-12)

3/25  Malachi The Prophet (Malachi 1-4)

4/01  Easter Sunday- No Sunday Night Ministry Activities

4/08-5/06  “Spring Into Christmas”- Special 5 week series in Isaiah, Matthew, & Luke focusing on the birth of Jesus and God’s promise of rescue.