Creek Kids Praise

Creek Kids Praise is for all Kindergarten through Fifth Graders and meets on Sunday evenings from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

Creek Kids Praise helps kids connect to Christ! Each series gives kids a "big picture" look at the Bible to show how it's all about Jesus. Kids are challenged through large and small group teaching & activities to apply Scripture to their daily lives. Get connected in CKP!


CKP Summer Series Starts 6/24:

Sunday nights this summer we dive in to find out "What's In The New Testament?" Using the "What's In the Bible?" curriculum kids will explore from Matthew to Revelation through Bible teaching, videos, music, activities, and more. This high energy 9 week series will give kids an interactive & informative overview of all 27 New Testament books, hitting on major stories & themes. Get connected to "What's In The New Testament?" this summer in CKP!

6/24 400 Years Between
7/1 The New Testament
7/8 Jesus The Messiah (Gospels)
7/15 Jesus' Death & Resurrection (Gospels)
7/22 Pentecost & Spreading The Good News (Acts)
7/29 Who Is Saul/Paul? (Acts)
8/5 Paul's Epistles
8/12 General Epistles
8/19 Revelation