Parent Information


Parents must be on campus if their children are on church property (except Wednesday evening visitation).

Label all belongings with your child’s name (i.e., diaper bags, bottles, clip-on pacifiers, sippy cups, etc.).

Security requires that you leave your child at the door and do not enter the room.

Sign in sheets should be completely filled out to let us know where you will be.

Bring only a well child with no symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, fever, rash, open sores, or runny noses within the last 24 hours. A child will not be admitted into a classroom with any of these symptoms.

For biting/hitting: The parent will be contacted immediately. The parent may then either remove the child for the remainder of the class (discipline in private please) and attend the next two classes with the child, or remain with the child for the remainder of the day and attend the following week’s class with the child.