Welcome to the Student Ministry

The Student Ministry of Richland Creek seeks to partner with parents of students 6th – 12th grade to help parents and students grow in the gospel and equip them to fulfill the Great Commission by reaching, teaching, and sending them to make disciples of all the nations.

According to the Bible, the most important measure of a church is how it handles the Word of God. The New Testament has 3 Books (1st & 2nd Timothy & Titus) written to pastors explaining church protocol. In fact 25 of the 30 commands given refer to the faithful teaching and preaching of God’s Word. None are about style, music, programs, or traditions. Only God knows what our students truly need, and His method of providing it is via the clear, line by line teaching of His Word.

In the Student Ministry we aim to do this through 3 things: Small Groups (where relationships and intentional discipleship happen on Sunday morning), Overflow Student Worship on Wednesday night (6:30pm), and Student Discipleship on Sunday night (6pm).

Our goal is not to just create students with full heads but also hot hearts. Information must lead to transformation! We want our students to have a strong passion for reaching their neighbors and the nations with the gospel. Our goal is to advance the kingdom of God by reaching students with the gospel, equipping them to share the gospel, and sending them to proclaim the gospel to the world!