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Revelation: Return of the King

Welcome to the study of the Book of Revelation! What an incredible book of biblical prophecy that promises a special blessing to those who read, hear, and keep the things written in it (Rev. 1:3). The Book of Revelation is about the unveiling of Jesus Christ. Revelation sets forth the grand climax of human history and the final days of this world, while revealing the glorious New Heaven and New Earth that ushers God’s people into eternity when God “makes all things new.” Believe it or not, this important book of prophesy is not that difficult to understand. Through these 48 messages, I will seek to present the Apocalypse (Revelation) in a faithful straight-forward way that you will be able to understand and richly glean from. While there are portions that deal with battles, destruction, and judgment, ultimately Revelation presents a message of hope and encouragement for believers in Jesus Christ as it displays God’s power, sovereignty, majesty, and teachings of the events that will soon transpire. I encourage you to read and study along with me (and ahead of me) as we prepare ourselves for Revelation: The Return of the King!

Date Title Speaker
1/11/2016 Introduction to Revelation David Sims
1/13/2016 The Unveiling of Jesus ChristRevelation 1:1-8 David Sims
1/15/2016 A Vision of the Glorified ChristRevelation 1:9-20 David Sims
1/19/2016 Ephesus - The Loveless ChurchRevelation 2:1-7 David Sims
1/21/2016 Smyrna - The Persecuted ChurchRevelation 2:8-11 David Sims
1/25/2016 Pergamos - The Compromising ChurchRevelation 2:12-17 David Sims
1/27/2016 Thyatira - The Tolerating ChurchRevelation 2:18-29 David Sims
1/29/2016 Sardis - The Dead ChurchRevelation 3:1-6 David Sims
2/2/2016 Philadelphia - The Faithful ChurchRevelation 3:7-13 David Sims
2/4/2016 Laodicea - The Lukewarm ChurchRevelation 3:14-22 David Sims
2/8/2016 The Throne of Heaven (pt 1)Revelation 4:1-3 David Sims
2/10/2016 The Throne of Heaven (pt 2)Revelation 4:4-11 David Sims
2/12/2016 The Lamb is Worthy to Open the ScrollRevelation 5:1-14 David Sims
2/16/2016 The Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse (Seals 1-4)Revelation 6:1-8 David Sims
2/18/2016 The Souls Under the Altar (Seal 5)Revelation 6:9-11 David Sims
2/22/2016 Black Sun & the Bloody Moon (Seal 6)Revelation 6:12-17 David Sims
2/24/2016 The 144,000 Sealed of IsraelRevelation 7:1-8 David Sims
2/26/2016 A Multitude of Saints from the Great TribulationRevelation 7:9-17 David Sims
3/1/2016 Silence in Heaven - Opening the 7th SealRevelation 8:1-5 David Sims
3/3/2016 The Trumpet JudgmentsRevelation 8:6-13 David Sims
3/7/2016 Apollyon & the Locusts from the Bottomless PitRevelation 9:1-12 David Sims
3/9/2016 The Four Angels of the Euphrates & the Army of 200 MillionRevelation 9:13-21 David Sims
3/11/2016 The Mighty Angel and the Little BookRevelation 10:1-4 David Sims
3/15/2016 The End of God's PatienceRevelation 10:5-12 David Sims
3/17/2016 The Two WitnessesRevelation 11:1-14 David Sims
3/21/2016 The Proclamation of the Eternal Kingdom (The 7th Trumpet)Revelation 11:15-19 David Sims
3/23/2016 The Woman, the Child, & the DragonRevelation 12:1-6 David Sims
3/25/2016 War in Heaven (Satan & Demons Cast Out of Heaven)Revelation 12:7-12 David Sims
3/29/2016 Satan's Anger UnleashedRevelation 12:13-17 David Sims
3/31/2016 The Antichrist (pt 1: Introduction) David Sims
4/4/2016 The Antichrist (pt 2)Revelation 13:1-10 David Sims
4/6/2016 The False Prophet & the Mark of the BeastRevelation 13:11-18 David Sims
4/8/2016 The Lamb & The 144,000Revelation 14:1-5 David Sims
4/12/2016 The Proclamations of the Three AngelsRevelation 14:6-13 David Sims
4/14/2016 The Harvest of GodRevelation 14:14-20 David Sims
4/18/2016 Seven Angels & Seven PlaguesRevelation 15:1-8 David Sims
4/20/2016 The Bowl Judgments BeginRevelation 16:1-11 David Sims
4/22/2016 A Prelude to ArmageddonRevelation 16:12-21 David Sims
4/26/2016 False Religion & the Antichrist in the Great TribulationRevelation 17:1-18 David Sims
4/28/2016 The End of Babylon's World OrderRevelation 18:1-24 David Sims
5/2/2016 Hallelujahs from HeavenRevelation 19:1-10 David Sims
5/4/2016 The Return of the KingRevelation 19:11-16 David Sims
5/6/2016 The Battle of ArmegeddonRevelation 19:17-21 David Sims
5/10/2016 The 1,000 Year Reign of Christ on EarthRevelation 20:1-10 David Sims
5/12/2016 The Great White Throne JudgmentRevelation 20:11-15 David Sims
5/16/2016 The New Heaven & New EarthRevelation 21:1-8 David Sims
5/18/2016 What Will Heaven Be Like?Revelation 21:9 - 22:5 David Sims
5/20/2016 The Final InvitationRevelation 22:6-21 David Sims