Preschool Winter Weather Update

Due to the winter wearger and the risk of additional freezing occurring in the early hours of tomorrow morning prior to arrival, PATC will be CLOSED on Mon., Jan. 10, 2018. Please enjoy the extra time with your family, and know we look forward to seeing you all back at school later this week! More information


Sunday Morning Tracks

Two Sunday Morning Tracks for Elementary Kids:

Following one of these tracks is a great way to help ensure your kids are getting the most from Creek Kids Elementary Ministry, as well as helping to make room for guests in Life Groups & Legacy Lodge as we continue to grow. 

*All kids should begin in Legacy Lodge Children’s Church, followed by their grade level Small Groups.

Track 1
9:00am- Legacy Lodge Children’s Church                               

10:15am- Life Groups


Track 2    

10:15am- Legacy Lodge Children’s Church  
11:30am- Life Groups

Please note that these tracks are based on families attending 2 morning services. Kids are also always welcome and encouraged to attend adult worship services with their parents.

Ideally, all Creek members would attend a Life Group, a worship service, and serve in an area of ministry. This can be achieved by attending all 3 morning services, or 2 services and then serving on either Saturday, Sunday, or Wednesday night. Please catch up with a Pastor or area ministry leader for more details.

Click HERE for room locations and lesson schedules.