Thinking About Women Equipping Women?

Welcome to Women Equipping Women!  

All of our leaders come from varied backgrounds and upbringings.  Some of us grew up in strong Christian homes and some of us grew up in horribly broken families. Graciously, God has stepped into each of our lives at some point and saved us from our sin.  By no merit of our own, we stand today as children of the living God.  Ephesians 2:8-9

Many leaders have been in the faith for a long time yet not all of that time was particularly fruitful or marked by spiritual growth.  In fact, some of us have periods in our walk with the Lord where our spiritual growth was stagnant or non-existent.  And it showed.  

Today, by the grace and long suffering of our God, our relationships with Jesus Christ are flourishing, growing and fruitful.  We battle our sinful flesh everyday but we are growing.  We are purposing everyday to live lives that glorify God.  Having been discipled in the foundational disciplines of the Christian faith, we very much want to share that with the women of the Creek.  

In this class, we learn about disciplines of the christian faith and then are held accountable for what we have learned.  We are held accountable for "practicing" the faith we learn about.   That word accountability can be intimidating. The leaders view that word as an opportunity for growth, encouragement and learning. This is what we aim to do as leaders - spur you on towards growth in the knowledge and practice of your faith. 

So as you consider taking the class, consider this:  look behind you.  Look back at the last few years of your life. How does it look?  

Is your faith growing in knowledge and practice?  
How is your faith impacting your family, your work, your neighbors, or anyone?  
James 1:22-23

       Do you generously give of your money back to God from where it came?
2 Cor 8:3-5

Have you ever shared your faith in Christ with others?
Matthew 28:18-29, 1 Peter 2:9
When was the last time you studied the bible and prayed?  
Matthew 4:4, John 17:17, Phil 4:4-7, 1 Thess 5:17.

Tough questions for sure.  Perhaps a more basic question than those above is why obey the commands of scripture at all?  Read our thoughts to this question here.

Still not sure?  Take a look at these two short articles:
How Do I Know

We admit there are expectations and commitments associated with joining this class. Any time we need to give up our selfish desires in order to add what God asks of us, there is struggle. This is the war against the flesh.  That is what makes the class hard.  

Our recommendation would be to start where you are and take it one day at a time. We are committed to helping you get there if you truly want to grow in your faith.  

We can also tell you pursuing spiritual growth will be worth it. 

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1 Timothy 4: 7 "... discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness;"

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