MEM Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are These Disciplines So Important?  What's the big deal?
Put simply; these disciplines are a means to pursing a closer relationship with God - Period.  They are commands but they are also gifts for us to grow closer with the Lord.  This article is a wonderful answer to why we should incorporate these disciplines into our life: Spiritual Disciplines As A Means Of Grace.

Who can join Men Equipping Men?

Anyone! Men of all ages and spiritual maturity are welcome to join this class.  No sign up or pre-registration is necessary.

Is there childcare?
Yes.  Richland Creek has a place for children birth through high school.  

Children ages 2 through 5th grade attend AWANA.  You can find more information about AWANA here.

Students 6th through 12th grades attend Overflow - our student worship service on Wednesday Nights. Click here for more information about Overflow.

Does this class have homework?
Yes.  Each week, members of the class create a "plan of action" for the disciplines of the Christian faith (Bible study, prayer, worship, service, evangelism and giving).  These plans of action give structure and accountability to the disciplines.  Week after week, as these disciplines are learned, they are put into practice based on each member's plan.  While this may sound intimidating, our leaders recognize that growth is a process and even a little progress is a victory!  Additionally, we place a high priority on scripture memorization as it provides wisdom to live in a broken world.  

What if I have missed the first few classes?
If you have missed the first few classes it is best to wait before starting this class.  Our class is a progressive class in that each week we teach and hold men accountable for a new discipline. Every discipline is vital to the Christian walk but none are more vital than the first two - Bible study and prayer.  

Missing these first two (or more) classes places the attender at a great disadvantage with the rest of the class and small group.  Catching up requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the new member.  And so, for this reason, we ask that you wait until the next semester to start this class.