Meet the MEM Leaders

Joe Tomberlin, Small Group Leader

The first time I had been introduced to the principals of
Men Equipping Men was when I met Dr. Bill Bennett for
the first time while still in college.  Though I was saved, I
had never been discipled like he spoke about.  I respected
the man, but convinced myself discipleship wasn't
needed. No one needed to have that much scripture
memorized, no one needed to pray that much,
or study the Bible that much.  
It was commendable;
however, I was convinced that no one needed to do that
much to be a Christian.  I could be a good Christian
without those “party tricks” (that’s what I called all of these disciplines).

Years later, while on a men's retreat with Richland Creek, I crossed paths with Dr. Bill again.  All those years later, Dr. Bill was still teaching the basic principles of Bible study, Prayer, Worship, Service, Evangelism, and Giving, and I knew I had not grown in any of these disciplines.  Over the years since I had first met Dr. Bill, I had not matured in my walk but I had taken a position as a church pastor, and allowed personal sin to ruin that ministry.  I was not a Godly man; I was not the spiritual leader in my home nor was I the leader in the church, which I was pretending to be.

Dr. Bill began a class at the Creek that I decided to attend the first few sessions. Immediately, I began to realize I was not going to be able to fake my way through this like I had so many other things in life; so I found a reason to quit going to the class.

A year later, there I was again.  I realized my family was leaderless, and my kids were beginning to play the "church game" just as I was - I was broken.  I knew my family needed a leader, my wife needed a Godly husband and I should study the Word, Pray, and Worship…I just didn't know HOW!

I came back to the class, and at this point Pastor Jim Gillespie was leading it, with Dr. Bill teaching on occasion.  I was broken, humbled, and seeking guidance.  I told Pastor Jim I wanted to be the leader of my family, the father my kids
needed, the husband my wife needed.  His response…“learn to be a Godly man, and all of these things will fall into place.” (Matt 6:33)

It took me surrendering to Jesus, and to the authority of the Word.  It took time, determination, and discipline.  It took being transparent with a mentor.  NOW, my family has the leader it needs, the husband and father they need.  Trust me when I say, I am in no way perfect, but through Bible Study, Prayer, Worship, Serving my family and church, Telling others about Jesus, and Giving to support the local church and the Great Commission, Jesus finds me useful, and uses me to further His kingdom.

Are you looking to be a Godly man?
Do you desire to be the leader your wife and kids need?
Do you desire to be found useful to your Savior?
Jump in to Men Equipping Men…and hold on!

Chris Siemers
, Small Group Leader

I served in the US Army for 21 years and assumed I knew what it took to be a leader. In August of 1994 I was saved
but was never discipled until 2008 when I came to the Creek. Actually, I should assert that I was never properly discipled until God slammed me around a little bit and opened my heart’s eyes. After a couple years of being at the Creek, I realized that discipleship was what I needed.

The Army had always taught me that I can do it – I must complete the mission and if I don't take care of me then no one will take care of me. I was trained to be exceedingly prideful and self-sufficient. I believed I was doing well at leaving the Army-life at work and leaving home-life at home when actually, I was not. I realized I was merely “playing church” and not being the man that God wanted me to be. Even though I was a leader in the Army, due to pride, I failed to be the leader in my own home.

Through the discipleship program at RCCC, by God’s grace I have been taught how to be a husband, father and the leader God wants me to be. I was educated and mentored in the significance of Bible Study, Prayer, Worship, Service, Evangelism and Giving and how to lead and teach others in these six things. Because of the disciplines that God has shown me through the men of RCCC, He has laid it on my heart to teach other men to do the same – to be a disciple, making disciples. In order to be a disciple, one must be disciple; and that is what I am here to do.