Elementary Awana Clubs

Welcome to Creek Kids Elementary Awana Clubs! 

We are blessed to be able to partner with you in the discipleship of your kids for Christ. Our ministry team is ready to serve you and your kids. We look forward to a very fruitful semester this fall in Creek Kids Elementary Awana!
Please feel free to contact Pastor Steve at steve@richlandcreek.com with any questions.

New This Club Year!

Handbooks: Good news! All Elementary Awana Handbooks can now be purchased directly from Awana at www.awana.org and shipped to your home! Elementary Handbooks will no longer be sold through Richland Creek. This innovation is convenient for families and will also help redirect needed resources as we grow our ministries. Please see Handbook assignments by grade below to order the correct Handbooks for your kids.

Registration: Even better news! You do not need to register your kids for Creek Kids Elementary Awana this year! Simply join us any Wednesday night and your kids can jump right in and participate right away. Preschool Club registration is available by clicking on the Preschool tab.


Sparks and T&T Handbook Guides

Every week each grade will work together on assigned Bible verses and Handbook sections. Members of our ministry team will teach the Bible verses and have the kids recite each one. Each verse will also be put in biblical context and have the meaning explained. Most Handbook sections that are review or activity oriented will not be covered in Club, but parents are strongly encouraged to work with their kids at home to complete these sections. Any missed weeks do not need to be made up, but should simply be covered in detail at home. 


Each Elementary grade will be assigned a specific Awana Handbook as follows: 

•  Kindergarten-HangGlider Click here to download the parent guide

•  1st Grade-WingRunner Click here to download the parent guide

•  2nd Grade-SkyStormer Click here to download the parent guide

•  NEW! 3rd Grade-Ultimate Adventure 1"Grace In Action" Click here to download the parent guide

•  4th Grade-Ultimate Adventure2  Click here to download the parent guide

•  5th Grade-Challenge 1  Click here to download the parent guide

We encourage parents to prepare their kids each week through prayer and working with them on the assigned Handbook sections. Our team will be ready to receive and minister to all of the kids every week.