Meet the WEW Crew

Class Leader

Rhonda Clark far back as I can remember, my life revolved around the church. The church calendar was the social calendar for my family. At home and church I was taught that Jesus died on the cross for sinners. I heard the great stories of the Bible and I believed not only that they were great stories, but that they were true events of a greater story. Church and Bible stories were such rich history in my early years. 

There was a specific point in time when all that I heard about Jesus, the Bible, and man in general, became personal to me. One night, it became clear to me that Jesus died in my place, for my sin, and that I would be forgiven of my sin if I trusted in Jesus Christ. That night, I trusted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Now looking back, I realize at the time, I only had a basic understanding of what the great gospel message is. But that basic understanding was all I needed to be saved and in right relationship with God.

Since then, I have learned before trusting Christ and “being saved” I was dead in my sin, separated from God, and under His wrath. There was absolutely nothing I could do to save myself. I could not pay my sin debt, forgiven by the God who created me and desired relationship with me. But God, sent his son Jesus into the world to live the perfect life I could not live, and die the death I deserved. Instead of getting what I earned, which was eternal separation from God, death and hell; God in his great mercy had given me a gift of eternal life. This gift came by grace through faith in Christ Jesus.

Since trusting Christ, my identity has completely changed. I am God’s child by adoption. My sins are forgiven. Now, instead of being under God’s wrath, I am covered by the blood of Christ who paid the price for my sin by his perfect life, death on the cross, his burial, and resurrection. I have eternal life. The Spirit of God dwells in me. I have the ministry of reconciliation and want to share this great Gospel message with others.

Small Group Leader

Amy Penner

As a young child I was raised Catholic and continued to attend church through adulthood, although I had no relationship with Christ.  I met my husband in Phoenix and we have been married five years.  In 2012, with a baby on the way, we moved to Raleigh to be closer to family.  Since that time, we have been blessed with two boys, ages 6 and 4. to WEW, I was unaware that being a Christian meant practicing spiritual disciplines or even that knowing and trusting Christ meant eternal life through forgiveness of sins. I was what the world would call a “good person.”  I prayed, went to church and did all the things Christians did. Yet, I don’t know if I really understood what it meant that Jesus died for my sins.

It was only after coming to the Creek and partnering with several ladies in my small group that I had the opportunity to be disciple and learn about my faith more deeply. I first opened the Bible in 2014 and fought my busy “new mom” life for time in the Word.  It wasn’t until I learned the disciplines in WEW, that I studied my bible, prayed intentionally, learned about worship, served and shared the gospel with others.
Being accountable has helped me spend time in the word—time I thought didn’t exist. After a year of WEW, my to-do list shortened and commitment to the disciplines grew.  Reading the bible daily became a priority.  Moreover, it was something I wanted to do rather than something I had to do.

My relationship with Christ is fairly new and I am honored to be a WEW leader. I look forward to leading other women in their relationship with the Lord. Life is filled with good days and difficult days but I hope I can encourage and challenge you in both. Having been (and continue to be) in the throes of work, marriage, and parenting, I understand how demanding life can be.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”