Meet the WEW Crew

Class Leader

Nichole Caldwell grew up in church. At a very early age I understood that there was something very wrong in me and God offered a solution. I didn't have a full understanding that my problem was sin and that Jesus was the only solution to it. What I did understand was that I needed to walk down aisle and "accept Christ" to avoid hell. I did this at 11 years old. 

Over the next 15-20 years I experienced glimpses of discipleship. God brought people into my life who attempted to pour into me as I struggled to understand the big picture of the gospel and my dependency on the sacrifice of Jesus. Along the way I grew in my understanding of who I was apart from Christ. I understood that sin was at the very core of who I was. There was nothing righteous in me. I knew that the problem I couldn’t put into words as a child was sin and that it was something that I couldn't fix.

The only answer for it was Jesus Christ. As I began to understand sin my understanding of who Christ was and what He did for me also became clearer. I know now that Christ was always part of God’s plan to save His people. We are separated from God and dead in our sin. Yet, while we were sinners Jesus Christ came down from Heaven and died for us. He was fully God and fully man. He lived a sinless perfect life and then was crucified on a cross as a payment for my sin. Christ in all of his perfection and holiness hung on a cross suffering while my sin was poured out on him.

Still, my faith, and the practice of it, looked a lot like a list of check boxes of the things I was "supposed to do"—attending church, reading the bible, acting a certain way, saying certain things—all to be the right kind of Christian. I deeply desired to know Christ but I had no idea what following Him was supposed to look like. I didn’t know what followers of Christ were supposed to do. In 2014, I participated in a bible study led by Women Equipping Women (WEW) leaders and I knew that this kind of discipleship was what my heart longed for. I wanted a better understanding of who God was and how to grow in my relationship with Him. Even more I wanted accountability and mentors who would show me what it looked like to grow in my faith.  

As I walked through the WEW class the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. My relationship with my God began growing in ways that it had never grown before. I was so grateful for the true discipleship that was offered to me and knew right away this was something I wanted to be able to do for other women.    

I met my husband, Justin, in college and we were married in 2005. We have four precious boys and twin daughters in heaven. I am a homeschool mom and a speech therapist at a local private school. We have been attending Richland Creek since 2009 and are so very thankful for this family of believers.