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Class Schedule

Feb. 10 Welcome & WEW 1 Introduction
 Luke 6:46
John 14:15
Feb. 17 Bible Study  John 17:17
Matt. 4:4
Feb. 24  Bible Study Modeled  2 Tim. 3:16

Watch Grand Narrative Video As Well

March 3
Prayer Phil. 4:6-7 

Pastor Jim's Message on 
Prayer - Jan. 2018

Audio Message

March 10 Worship & Circles of Responsibility  John 4:24
Rom. 12:1

March 17 Evangelism and Gospel Statement  1 Peter 2:9

Don't Overcomplicate Evangelism
March 24 How to Write and Give Your Testimony

Evangelism Role Play
 Rom. 1:16 Handout
March 31 Service  1 Cor 12:7
April 7 Giving 
2 Cor. 9:7
2 Cor. 8:5
April 14 Discipling Your Kids  Deut 11:18-19
Discipling Your Kids Video
Discipling Your Kids Panel Discussion

 April 21

 April 28 Forgiveness and Three Tree Model
Rom 8:5-6

Ephesians 4:31-32
 May 5th  Wrap Up and Q & A

2 Cor 12:9