Fall 2017 Malachi Schedule

 Date Topic Handout
September 10   Into to Malachi. Observation of Malachi 1:1-5
  Homework: Complete Observation of 1:1-5
Historical Background Malachi
Bible Overview Chart
Kingdom Period Chart

 September 17

  Malachi 1:1-4 - finish observation together.
  Introduce interpretation and application
  Homework: Application Malachi 1:1-5.
  Begin observations of Malachi 1:6-2:9

Tim Keller, 3 Objections to the Doctrine of Election:
Verses on Sovereignty and Free Will
John Piper, How Do I Explain Election Over Lunch:
John Macarthur, Why Didn't God Choose Everyone to be Saved?:

 September 24   Discuss applications of Malachi 1:1-5, observation of Malachi 1:6- 2:9. Introduce graphic organizer
  Homework: Finish observation on Malachi 1:6-2:9
  Fill in graphic organizer for verses.

 October 1   Interpretation & Application of Malachi 1:6-2:9

  Homework: Malachi 2:10-16 (O,I,A)

 October 8   Finish observation and do interpretation and application of
  Mal 2:10-16
  Homework: Malachi 2:17-3:5 (O,I,A)

 October 15   Discuss Malachi 2:17-3:5  (O,I,A)

  Homework: Malachi 3:6-12 (O,I,A)

 October 29    Discuss Mal:3-6-12 (O, I, A)

  Homework: Malachi 3:13-4:3 ( O,I,A)

 November 5   Discuss Malachi 3:13-4:3 (O,I,A)

 Homework: Malachi 4:4-6 and whole book applications, read      handouts on Intertestamental Period

 November 12  
  Last class - Bring a snack to share!!

  Discuss Malachi 4:4-6