The Method Of Study

Why we do Observation/Interpretation/Application (OIA)

OIA is a recognized and trustworthy Bible study method taught by many authors and scholars today. Using this method has many advantages. However, one rises above them all: OIA changes our pace and slows us down. We have a tendency to read a passage quickly without investigating the details of what we read. OIA slows us down such that we notice details, ask questions, and determine original meaning. This is the treasure of Bible study.

It should come as no surprise to us to learn that the Bible is a rather old book. It was written thousands of years ago in a place, time, and culture with which most readers are unfamiliar. Gaps in our understanding of language, culture, geography and history must be overcome. 

While we readily admit OIA is not the only way to study the Bible, we chose OIA for ladies' Bible studies at The Creek because it is simple and easily transferable to others .  This is why we ask you to use OIA as your method of study while you attend the Bible study class. 

This method will be thoroughly explained and modeled by your teacher throughout the semester. Our hope is that as you leave this class you are equipped to study God's Word independently and perhaps even teach it to someone else. 

If you have questions or need further direction, email
Stef or Faith.  


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