Student Discipleship (Sun PM)

On Sunday nights at 6pm, students gather for intense student discipleship. This is not "just another Bible study."  It is theological training aimed at developing a heart for missions and equipping students to share the Gospel globally and locally. Our Sunday night student discipleship provides students with a thorough understanding of the Gospel, enables them to defend it, and grounds them in the key doctrines of our Christian faith.

Spring Semester
Feb. 12 - May 7 (6:00 PM)


6th-8th Grade - Rooms 121-122

9th-12th Grade - Modular A

Can we know that what we believe is really true? Is the Bible really the Word of God? Is the Christian faith the one and only way to know God?

Our study "Apologetics: Knowing and Defending the Faith" will seek to make accessible the whole range of ways Christians have used reason and evidence to commend their hope and faith to others. This study will begin with the existence of God and move to the biblical basis for Christian apologetics. Then conclude by examining one of the toughest challenges for Christians, responding to those who say evil and suffering are incompatible with the idea of a good and loving God.