On Sunday nights at 6pm, students gather for intense student discipleship. This is not "just another Bible study."  It is theological training aimed at developing a heart for missions and equipping students to share the Gospel globally and locally. Our Sunday night student discipleship provides students with a thorough understanding of the Gospel, enables them to defend it, and grounds them in the key doctrines of our Christian faith.

January Semester
Jan. 14 - 28 (6:00 PM)

6th-12th Grade | Family Life Center

Evangelism Training
In Matthew 28, Christ commands his disciples to, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." This command is given to every believer but many believers do not feel equipped to share the Gospel. In Student Discipleship, we seek to equip our students to be disciples who are able share the Gospel with everyone they come in contact with. Evangelism Training is a three week series that walks students through the importance of sharing the Gospel and practical ways that will help them share it with those around them.