On Sunday nights at 6pm, students gather for intense student discipleship. This is not "just another Bible study."  It is theological training aimed at developing a heart for missions and equipping students to share the Gospel globally and locally. Our Sunday night student discipleship provides students with a thorough understanding of the Gospel, enables them to defend it, and grounds them in the key doctrines of our Christian faith.

Spring Semester
Feb. 11th- April 6th (6:00 PM)


6th-8th Grade | Room 121-122

To the Ends of the Earth
All throughout the scriptures there is a common thread and plan able to be seen. This plan is for the redemption of all creation. God is on a rescue mission to save all people from sin and death into life eternal. In this extraordinary rescue mission, God uses ordinary people sent with the powerful message of the Gospel. In this study we will look at the Bible to see God and His mission and understand how we as the people of God can take this Gospel “to the ends of the earth!”


9th-12th Grade | Family Life Center

Understanding & Living God's Word
We believe that the Bible is God's inspired word, but many people don't know how to properly read and study the Bible. This semester we will equip students with the necessary tools to help them understand and love the Scriptures! We want to equip them so their personal Bible study leads them to love and serve Jesus.