Upcoming Events

http://www.richlandcreek.com/uploads/ue_weekendworship(3).jpg Sunday Morning Worship at The Creek
Join us for any one of our Sunday Morning Worship Times!
• 9am • 10:15am • 11:30am
Invite your friends, coworkers, and neighbors for Biblical teaching, uplifting worship, and warm fellowship.
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http://www.richlandcreek.com/uploads/ss_firstpeter_center_current.jpg The Book of 1 Peter Sermon Series
Join us this weekend as Pastor Steve McKinion walks us through The Book of 1 Peter, line by line. We're excited to continue this Sunday morning study through the holidays and into early 2020! We hope to see you there!
http://www.richlandcreek.com/uploads/ss_SundayNightChurch3_current.jpg Sunday Night Church at The Creek
We're excited to announce a new Sunday Night Church Service at The Creek! Join us each Sunday Night (6pm) for a sweet time of worship and gathering! We will be walking through "The Gospel of Mark", with an exciting line up of speakers guiding us through the Word, line by line, each week. You won't want to miss it!