Meet the WEW Crew

Elizabeth Seering Growing up, I was taught that in order for someone to go to heaven, they just had to be a good person. I can remember lying awake in bed at night, overcome by fear of death and eternity. I wondered- if one had to be “good” to go to heaven, then how “good” was good enough? I had intense anxiety about this for a decade until someone knocked on my dorm room door and shared the gospel with me in the fall of 1999 when I was a freshman college student. The anxiety I had had about being “good enough” was totally alleviated when I came to understand that while I could never be good enough, Jesus was. He lived a perfectly sinless life for me. Not only had he lived for me, he also died for me and paid the penalty for my sin. But he didn’t stay dead! He rose again and conquered death. In Christ, I realized I no longer had to fear death. My life was changed.

However, if you would have tracked my spiritual growth in those first 15 years that I followed Christ, it would have looked like a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs. It wasn’t until I took my first Women Equipping Women class in 2013 that I really began to grasp the importance of the spiritual disciplines in the life of a believer. This class not only showed me what the disciplines are, but it also taught me how to do them and then held me accountable for doing them. God used WEW to grow me closer to Him in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. It is a great joy of mine to now witness Him doing the same for other women of the Creek!

My husband Matthew and I have been members of Richland Creek since 2006. We grew up together in southeastern Michigan, but have called North Carolina home for the last 12 years. We enjoy exploring all that our adopted home state has to offer with our two daughters.

Julia Siegwart
Jesus changed me forever wh
en I was 5-years-old or so. I knew that I was a sinner and separated from God who loved me tremendously and sent His Son to die for me, taking the punishment that I deserved. And, I am so glad that He is changing me still, chiseling me to look more like His Son and less like my sinful self. 

I grew up in the church, but somewhere inside of me there was a disconnect between what I knew I should do and what I was actually doing. I was longing for more, but didn’t know how or where to even begin. I thought I could coast through, but I wasn’t being obedient to James 1:22 “But be doers of the 
word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” 

In more recent years, God is using His word and his people to show me what it means to be a doer of His word. I’m thankful for my husband Jake, the Godly man He allowed me to marry in 2001. I’m thankful that God is growing me through being a mom & homeschooling our two sons. I’m keenly aware of the blessing God had in store when He brought our family to North Carolina and to RCCC in 2011. 

The women at the Creek, and Women Equipping Women in particular, have been a special part of God's chiseling process in my life. What a blessing it is to serve alongside other women as we seek to bring God glory through being obedient disciples who make disciples.

 Maybe you are in a place in your life like I was - wanting to grow in your walk with the Lord, but you aren’t sure what to do or where to start. Perhaps, you are growing some, but you are frustrated with inconsistency. Or, you may be a more mature Christian, but you want to know how to help someone else grow in their relationship with the Lord.  Whatever phase you may be in right now, we pray that we can come alongside you, pointing the way toward Christlikeness and encouraging you as you pursue a deeper relationship with our Savior. 


Karen Keyes I have been married to my dear husband Tom for thirteen years. We have a blended family with eight children and ten grandchildren. The only one at home is our little nine-year old blessing Lilyrose. 

We have been attending Richland Creek since July 2012 and joined in February 2013.  I have been a Christian for over fifteen years now.  Since coming to Richland Creek I have had the opportunity to join the WEW leadership team and it has given me the privilege of learning while leading as we explore God's Word.  I enjoy being a WEW leader because I share in the challenges and successes of everyone in the WEW family as we grow in obedience to God’s will.  1 Cor 12:7.

The excitement of encouraging other women in the disciplines of the faith while I grow myself is truly an "iron sharpens iron" relationship.  Proverbs 27:17.  WEW has been the means by which so many women have had the unique opportunity to learn the importance of making time to experience God in our daily lives.  

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