WEW II Program

WEW II is a year-long class where we continue the discipling process and transition into mentoring by the second semester.  

What's the difference between discipleship and mentoring?  

Discipleship is the process of learning to be proficient in the disciplines set forth from Scripture so as to grow into a maturing Christian.  In WEW II, the participant will transition from learning about these to becoming proficient in these things.  

Bible study - Attend a Sunday night Bible study class with WEW leaders.
Prayer - listening to you pray. Examining what do you pray for.
Service - finding a place where you use your spiritual gifts for the body.
Worship - all of life is worship, or not. We revisit this topic frequently.
Giving - if you're not giving, you're not a disciple. 
Evangelism - actually doing it as opposed to practicing or talking about it.

Mentoring is the process where a mature Christian demonstrates how the things learned from discipleship apply to living a life that is pleasing to God.  

How to submit to your husband
How to raise your children in the instruction and discipline of the Lord
How to know God's will for your life. 
How to disciple your child or another woman
How to answer questions about your faith and the Bible

For more information contact Elizabeth Seering or Julia Siegwart