Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join WEW II?

Members coming into WEW II predominantly come from WEW I class. These women have been faithful in attending WEW I classes, disciplining themselves in the spiritual disciplines and have an eager desire to grow in the knowledge and practice of the faith.

Is childcare provided?

Yes!  Richland Creek has a place for children ages birth through high school.  

Children ages 2 through 5th grade attend AWANA.  Click here for more information about  

Students ages 6th through 12th grades attend our youth ministry program Overflow - our student worship service on Wednesday nights.  Click here for more information.  

Are there books to get? 

Yes.  Wayne Grudem’s Bible Doctrine Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith.  Amazon has this for $22.90 hardback.  

Is this class recorded like the other WEW class?

No.  Currently we do not have the ability to record and the nature of the class does not lend itself to recordings.  

Does this class have homework?

Yes. Each week women are expected to read one chapter in the bible doctrine book as well as pick a secondary book and read at your own pace.  Also, women are given scripture memory each week.  Sometimes, women are emailed short articles that come from Christian websites such as Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, pastor and scholar publications.  

For more information contact Rhonda Clark at