Adult Equipping


  • August 24 - October 19 - Nine week block of classes
  • October 26 - Special night of corporate gathering
  • November 2 - November 16 - Three week block of classes


  • Discipleship Foundations Classes for Men and Women
  • Spanish Discipleship Class
  • Marriage & Parenting led by Dr. Mike and Candi Powers
  • Men and Women's Bible Studies 
  • Doctrine of Salvation 
  • Financial Peace University

Discipleship Foundations for men & women

Through these classes, men and women are taught fundamental disciplines of spiritual growth and disciple-making. We focus on the eight goal areas that every Christian should be engaged in if they are truly submitted to the lordship of Jesus Christ along with additional subjects that are vital to our Christian growth.

We seek to learn why God commands us to obey Him in these areas and how to do them. Disciples are made through these ministries as participants partner together to engage in committed accountability for the purpose of spiritual growth. This growth is born out of a longing to offer back to God what He so sacrificially gave to us – love. Increasing love for God should produce a growing desire for both personal growth and raising up other disciples.

We have men and women who would LOVE to connect with you and talk more about growing in these goal areas. These people have been trained through our Discipleship Foundations classes. You can connect directly with them by filling out one of the forms below and someone will contact you to talk more about discipleship.

Grow as a Man of God
Grow as a Man of God

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Grow as a Woman of God
Grow as a Woman of God

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