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A Rightly Focused Prayer

by on May 12, 2021

Key Scripture: Matthew 6:10 “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.”

Jesus teaches that we are to pray for His kingdom’s sake and for His will to be done. What Jesus is teaching in this passage is that we are to align our thoughts and desires with the Lord’s. Many times we approach the Lord only concerned with our own motives and desires and not His. Jesus displays a desire to have God work in the way that God would want to work. He wants to pray for the things God desires. It seems fitting that once we have addressed the Father in heaven appropriately and then praised Him for who He is, the next thing would be to desire what He desires.

It is common for us to rush to our list of things that we need the Lord to do for us without stopping to ask what He wants us to pray for. When we stop and ask the Lord to align our thoughts with His, then we pray more like He wants us to pray. Jesus does not start His model for prayer by talking to God about His own personal laundry list of concerns; rather, He teaches us to first focus on what God wants to accomplish. We would find ourselves having a more fruitful prayer life if we prayed for what God wants us to pray for. We would find ourselves seeing God move and would accomplish more if we were more attentive to His desires.

Questions to Consider: When you pray, are you more concerned with your agenda or God’s? When you pray, do you typically jump right into your list or stop and ask God what He would like you to pray for? When you pray, are you focused on His kingdom work?

Prayer Prompts:

  • Begin your prayer by addressing the Father appropriately, lift up His name, and then pray for His kingdom’s sake, for His will to be done, and for His sovereign plan to be accomplished in His way.
  • Pray and ask the Lord what He would like for you to pray for and then pray accordingly.
  • Pray and try not to get to your list of things until you have first prayed about God’s list of things.

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