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For They Shall Be Satisfied

by on April 17, 2021

Key Scripture: Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

It is the one who hungers and thirsts for righteousness that is satisfied. The one who is satisfied is the one who is blessed. The pursuit of Jesus produces the satisfaction of the soul. There is a cause-and-effect nature to this verse, such that when we pursue the righteousness of Christ, we find Him and obtainHis righteousness. We start from a place of emptiness and end being filled up; we go from hungry and thirsty to being completely satisfied. This satisfaction is an eternal satisfaction. Jesus teaches in John 6:35, 51 that He is the bread of life and that whoever comes to Him will not hunger- they will have eternal life. The beauty of this verse is that we go from being desperate to live to being made alive. We do not just find a temporary solution to fulfill our desires. We find the eternal solution for our hunger and thirst. We will be wholly and completely satisfied in Jesus forever.

He is enough to satisfy our every need and our every hunger. He is the all-sufficient satisfying Savior of the world who does not need food or drink to satisfy us because He is sufficient to satisfy us in and of Himself. Jesus is all anyone actually needs, and it is only in Him that we can truly be satisfied. Blessed are they who hunger for Jesus because He is all they need for satisfaction. There is simply no other way we may obtain eternal satisfaction except through Christ. We cannot become godly without being in pursuit of godliness. Jesus teaches that those who pursue godliness are satisfied by becoming godly.

Questions to Consider:

Have you pursued righteousness with your life? Have the eternal longings of your soul been satisfied? Do you long for something morethan Jesus? What can you name that is more satisfying than Jesus?

Prayer Prompts:

Lord reveal to me what I hunger and thirst for more than You. Father, help me to find my satisfaction from seeking You more than the things of this world.

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