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Jesus: The Prophet Like Moses

by on April 06, 2021

Key Scripture: Matthew 5:1a, Seeing the crowds, he went up on the mountain,

The similarities between Moses and Jesus are plentiful.

  • Moses was transfigured on a mountain as God spoke from a cloud (Exodus 24, 34). Jesus was transfigured on a mountain as God spoke from a cloud (Luke 9:28-36).

  • Moses led people out of slavery in the exodus from Egypt (Exodus 13-14). Jesus led people out of slavery in the exodus from sin and death (all four Gospels).

  • Moses is sent to be a deliverer (Acts 7:35) Jesus is sent to be a deliverer (Luke 10:16; Romans 11:26; Galatians 5:1).

  • Moses did many signs before Pharaoh (Deuteronomy 34:11). Jesus did many signs (John 20:30).

  • Moses is a type (a kind of) of Christ.

Matthew especially paints Jesus as a figure like Moses. Here in verse 1 Jesus, “went up on the mountain.” Again, this is highly reminiscent of Moses ascending up Mount Sinai in Exodus 19:3; 24:18 and 34:4. Whereas Moses instructed the people about the ten commandments (the law), so Jesus will give us the new covenant.

Why is this similarity between Moses and Jesus worth mentioning? All of these parallels between Moses and Jesus identify Jesus as the prophet Moses spoke of in Deuteronomy 18:15, “The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from your countrymen; to him you shall listen.”

Undoubtedly, Moses was a great prophet, sent by God to lead God’s chosen nation—out of slavery into the promised land. As a matter of fact, that is God’s big plan—God’s people living in God’s land under God’s rule. Well, Jesus, God the Son, is the greater prophet sent by His Father (God) to lead people out of slavery (from sin and death) in the new Eden where we will once again live with our God.

What were God’s words to Pharaoh through the prophet Moses? “Let my people go” (Exodus 5:1). Well, that is exactly what the greater Moses (Jesus) did (Luke 4:17-21).

Questions to Consider:

Moses interceded for his people just like Jesus. What other connections can you make between Moses and Jesus?

Prayer Prompt:

Father, thank you for all the biblical figures you provide in the OT that serve as a clear sign pointing to our Savior Jesus Christ.

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