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They Shall Inherit the Earth

by on April 15, 2021

Key Scripture: Matthew 5:5 “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Yesterday, we studied what it means to be meek and what meekness look like in your everyday life. Today we will learn about what Jesus promised to those who are meek. In society it is the powerful, the successful and the famous that seem to be the ones that will “inherit the earth,” but according to Jesus, that is not true.

When Christ said, “they will inherit the earth,” “they” is emphatic – meaning “they alone.” He is speaking of a particular group of people. Only those who are meek will receive the promise. The promise to possess the “earth or land” comes with a more significant meaning than just possessing but a “sense of place, security, an inheritance from God.” (bible.org)

To better understand this promise of inheritance, we need to look at the context and the people Jesus was addressing.

This Jewish audience was always faced with a threat of their land being invaded which left them fearful, longing for their Messiah to come and set up His kingdom, one that was secure and could not be taken. Christ is referring to the “earth/land” in the eternal sense. It is also implied that it is not your position, title, or accomplishments that will grant you this inheritance but through meekness alone. A genuine understanding of your position under Christ’s headship as Savior leads to meekness which is a true sign of someone inheriting the kingdom of God. Isaiah 11 gives a glimpse of this eternal kingdom where sin no longer dwells and peace reigns among all God’s children.

There will be a day where those who have placed their faith in Christ the Messiah will be gathered to an eternal land that will never be taken from them. This promise will be fulfilled beyond imagination and more glorious than anything on this earth.

Questions to Consider:

Are you ready to receive the inheritance which Christ died for you to have? If you have received His inheritance through faith, in what are you most challenged to grow?

Prayer Prompts:

Father, forgive me of how I have allowed the world to influence me. Help to turn from being controlled by the world's enticements and be focused on the Kingdom's purpose. I praise You for allowing me to receive Your Son and to be joint heir with Him (Romans 8:17). Help me to live to glorify Your name.

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