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A Gospel Prayer of the Elder Body of Richland Creek, for the church

A Gospel Prayer of the Elder Body of Richland Creek, for the church

by Jonny Peters on June 03, 2020

We pray for reconciliation and righteousness through the Gospel.

The Bible teaches that we live in a fallen world, one in which people suffer because of their own sin and the sins of others. In His Word, Jesus Christ commands us to share His love with the suffering, including those who are marginalized, oppressed, or harassed. All people, of every gender, race, and color, bear God's image and have value before Him. We stand with our God against all unrighteousness, and for the dignity and worth of all people.

Based on these convictions, we grieve the death of George Floyd. We further recognize that his death comes in the context of a long history of oppression and inequality, thus stirring feelings of grief and hurt. His death, and the events that have come after it, remind us that much work remains to be done until Jesus returns. Christians are commanded to be salt and light to this world, demonstrating the power of the Gospel and the love of God to all people regardless of their skin color.

We pray for unity and peace through the Gospel.

We want Richland Creek to be a church where we listen to and learn from brothers and sisters of color as we strive for justice and equality under the banner of Gospel above all. We thank God that amid this suffering, we have hope in His Son, who is the One that unites us by His blood.

We know many outstanding law enforcement officers serve and protect our communities. The Bible teaches us that God gives authority to the government and its agencies to be used in a way that glorifies Him. The abuse of such authority is sin and should be condemned by God's people based on the clear teaching of God's Word. We thank God for the men and women who are working diligently toward ending such abuse of authority.

We pray for salvation through the Gospel.

Our heart for Richland Creek is that we would be united by Gospel love in all things. Jesus knows the pain of betrayal and injustice. He gave His life – the only One who is just, dying for the unjust - that we may be justified before a righteous God. For those who would place their faith in Him, one day there will be no more suffering, sorrow, or pain as we spend eternity in the presence of the Savior. This Gospel is the only hope for our world.

This coming Sunday, Dr. John Ewart will be preaching a special message called "Loving Others as Ourselves." In this message, he will address a biblical perspective on the current unrest and fear so prevalent in our nation and teach us to meet these challenges with faith and boldness.

What now?

The Bible teaches us that injustice and suffering will plague this world, increasingly so, until Jesus returns to set the world right. Let us not be confused or frightened by these things, but encouraged to be conduits of the love and mercy that Christ showed us. Creek Family, be a light in a dark place. Pray for peace and justice for those who are hurting, and for our law enforcement officers. Ask God to give you awareness of your biases or prejudices. Strongly denounce racism wherever you see it. Befriend and minister to your neighbors, especially those who are different than you. Above all, share the Good News of the Gospel, that some may believe and find hope through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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