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Celebrating communion on July 5

Celebrating communion on July 5

by Jason Hall on June 22, 2020

One of the things our leadership has been especially wrestling with and discussing as we have walked through this pandemic has been how we can celebrate communion, or the Lord's Supper, together as a church. At Richland Creek we have traditionally always held communion during worship services, when the body of Christ was able to gather together person. Of course, the necessity of moving away from in-person worship for a couple of months challenged that tradition, and has caused us to prayerfully consider how to celebrate communion.

The Lord's Supper is vitally important because it is one of two ordinances that our Lord Jesus Christ specifically gave His church, that in practicing it we may glorify Him, proclaim His Gospel, and communicate our unity as the body of Christ. Now that we have begun on-campus worship, we have decided to move forward with observing communion together on July 5 during our Sunday morning services.

We also know there are many of our body who still do not feel comfortable returning to in-person worship, and we do not want you to feel left out of this ordinance. So below are a few steps our Elder Body would like to observe as walk forward together and try to stay safe:

  • All elements (bread and juice) have been ordered, shipped and arrived in pre-packaged, individually wrapped containers. No one from Richland Creek has touched any of the elements themselves.
  • For those who come to campus on July 5, you may pick up your elements yourself as you enter the Worship Center. The elements will not be passed out or distributed by others.
  • For those who are still worshipping online, the elements are available for you to pick up at the church office anytime between now and July 2 (office hours are 9-5 M-Th, and 9-1 F). Take the elements home and keep them until worship on July 5, when during the online service you will be led in taking the elements together.

Thank you, church, for your patience and understanding as we walk carefully through these unprecedented times together.

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