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Easter Family Worship Guide

Easter Family Worship Guide

by John Ewart on April 01, 2021

Share with your family on Easter Sunday. You will need your Bibles.

1. Gather your family.

2. The oldest member of the family will read this introduction:

Easter is a special time for us to remember and celebrate the victory of Jesus over death and the grave. Without the resurrection, our faith has no meaning. Defeating death proved Jesus was, indeed, Who He said He was, and that He is the Lord of all. On Easter we stop, give thanks, and celebrate the resurrection and the certainty it provides for our own salvation and eternal life.

Read I Corinthians 15:3-7, 12-20, 54-57

  • The resurrection was a part of God’s eternal plan from the beginning.
  • The resurrection is essential for our faith to be true.
  • The resurrection proves we too can be raised in Christ and live forever with Him.
  • The resurrection gives us victory over death.

Today we must celebrate and remember His power and perfection. Each day is resurrection day for those who believe in Christ, but today we stop and give careful and focused attention and appreciation for this incredible victory over death and the affirmation of Who Jesus truly is. We must tell God thank you for the cross and the resurrection. Let us be thankful as a family today.

3. Another family member will lead in a prayer of thankfulness for the cross and the resurrection of Jesus.

4. Go around the room and share a victory God has given you in your life this past year.

5. A family member will read Matthew 27:50-61.

6. Go around the room and share the first name of someone you know who needs to trust in Christ and the power of His resurrection.

7. The youngest family member who is able will read Matthew 28:1-7.

8. Go around the room once again and share a new victory or area of growth you pray God will help you achieve this coming year.

9. Another family member will read Matthew 28:8-10, 16-20.

10. The oldest member of the family will lead in a closing prayer of thanksgiving and intercession for the people named, and the new growth and victories being sought.


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