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Family Meeting Update

Family Meeting Update

by Jason Hall on April 22, 2021

Good afternoon Creek Family,

This past Sunday, April 18, we had a family meeting. For those who were unable to attend, I wanted to summarize some of the information presented at that meeting.

Financial Update: Finance Manager Dan Johnson said that while giving was still not at the levels we would hope, we did finish the first quarter of 2021 in the black, posting more revenue than expenses. However, he did warn that as more people return to campus and ministries continue to ramp up, giving will need to increase in the remainder of 2021 to keep pace.

We have a healthy operating reserve in the bank, and the Finance Team is satisfied with our cash on hand.

Construction Update: Facilities Director Chuck Bounds reported that most of the FLC renovation project is complete, with the remaining pieces to be completed in the next few weeks. This project will result in 18 new staff offices, a new and larger space for our food pantry, and a redesigned foyer in the FLC.

Alignment and Staffing Update: Pastor Tony Donato reported that the alignment team (himself, David Satterwhite, Nathan Brown, Mike Dowd, and Stephen Moye) continues to meet and work through complex issues related to the team’s purpose, which is to determine how to align our ministries, staff positions, and budgets to best fulfill our church’s vision. They plan to take time over the next few weeks to meet with Mike Powers, our new Vision and Preaching Pastor, to ensure that their initial plans, which they are calling Phase 0, are in alignment with his vision.

Pastor Tony also mentioned that one of their guiding principles with initial alignment was to keep all of our current staff and pastors as long as we could offer them roles in which to grow and excel. They have been able to do that for all of our existing part-time and full-time employees. We do have some contract positions, some of which will be phased out in Phase 0.

Pastor Tony also reported that we are currently interviewing people for Middle School Director and Communications Director positions. We are also close to hiring a full-time facility maintenance position. One of the chief priorities of the Pastoral Body as Dr. Powers comes on board will be a search for a Worship Pastor.

And finally, Pastor Tony, on behalf of the Pastoral Body, shared a church discipline situation with the church. Because of the need for privacy and wisdom in such matters, details will not be shared online. If you are a church member who wants to discuss the discipline situation, you may reach out to a pastor.

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