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Halloween Outreach

Halloween Outreach

by Mike Dowd on October 12, 2022




As Christians, our homes are a front door to the Gospel for the neighbors living around us. Our prayer is you will intentionally utilize your home for kingdom focused impact.


  • Do it Right – Give out good candy
  • Be Engaging and Present – Don’t limit yourself to a front door. Sit out on the porch or in front of a garage and be friendly
  • Be Inviting – Have a fire-pit, s'mores, and great decorations
  • Think of Adults – Offer coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider, cookies or brownies for adults
  • Pray – As you are waiting to hand out candy, pray for your neighborhood



Some of your neighbors will not come to your house, but you will engage them by going out. Our prayer is you will interact with many neighbors who would normally not be open to talk.

  • Walk your Neighborhood – Take your kids Trick or Treating and visit many houses
  • Pray – Pray for your neighbors as you walk through the neighborhood



If you are not going to participate in Trick or Treating activities or events, consider joining others. Our prayer is the Lord will open doors for the Gospel with people at your work, school, and neighborhood.


  • Invite Others to Join – Invite lost neighbors to go Trick or Treating with your family. Build relationships with your neighbors
  • Partner with other Creekers – Serve and pray together, striving to get the Gospel into our communities
  • Gather where Others are Gathering – Work, school, and friends



Through it all be looking for ministry moments. Be intentional as some people might want to talk a bit more, desire prayer, or simply need a listening ear. Look for people to love, to bless, and to befriend.

  • Pay Attention - Ask the Spirit to open your eyes and ears to the real needs around you.
  • Stay Dependent - Ask the Spirit to help you listen, care and serve those around you.
  • Open Doors - Ask the Spirit for open doors for new relationships and gospel conversations


Gospel Conversation Helpful Hints:

  • Be upfront about your church and your faith
  • Make a map of your neighborhood. Record insightful details about people you meet.
  • Let people know you go to church
  • Talk about spiritual things

Followers of Christ are called to love others in Word and Deed (James 1:22), especially when communicating the Gospel to non-believers. There are a few simple tips we can keep in mind as we attempt to share the Good News with our neighbors.

  • Let people know that you go to church. This could be done by asking if they attend church, followed by you affirming you attend. Though this may seem small, it does set a foundation that you are a spiritual person. It may also open them up to discussing spiritual matters with you.
  • Let people know your faith has meaning to you. This can sometimes feel like you are over spiritualizing your life. Talking about God, your personal testimony, how God is working in your life, etc., can be very impactful.

There is a constant struggle for believers to want to find a way to get the whole Gospel out in one conversation. Think of this initial meeting as just a first step. If you are not able to have in depth spiritual conversations, that is alright. Think of this encounter as a beginning to more fruitful, Gospel conversations.



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