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Transition Conversation and Staff Resignations

Transition Conversation and Staff Resignations

by Jason Hall on November 16, 2020

Members and Attenders of Richland Creek,

You are all invited to join the first Transition Conversation on Sunday, Nov. 22, at 2 p.m. in the Worship Center. The Elder Body will be available to provide updates and talk with you about any concerns or questions you have as we continue to walk through this transition process, as your feedback and input are invaluable. The plan is for this to be the first of several of these meetings in the coming months. Registration is not required for this meeting.

As we consider our staff team in particular, you should know about a few resignations that have taken effect recently or will take effect in the coming months:

  • Jonny Peters has stepped down as Middle School Pastor, effective Nov. 15.
  • Greg Mathias has resigned as Young Pros Pastor, also effective Nov. 15.
  • Brian Merritt is leaving his role as Pastoral Care Pastor, effective Dec. 31.
  • Tylor Warlop is stepping down as Recreation and Family Life Director, effective Nov. 30.
  • As reported previously, Jeremy Porras is stepping down as part-time Worship Director, effective later this year, or when the search for an interim Worship Leader is completed. A search team process for that position is currently underway.

Some of these resignations have been in the works for a while, while others are more recent, even in the past several days. Further, each situation is unique, and there is no one reason underlying these several decisions. None of these resignations came because of moral or spiritual failure, budget constraints/staff reductions, nor were they directly a result of the alignment and transition process. We are grateful for these men's ministries at the Creek.

Change is difficult, and especially so when that change affects relationships we have spent years painstakingly building. Our hope, though, is not in our relationships themselves but in the Spirit who binds us together. God is good -- always good -- and remains so even when he leads us to part ways with those we love. Our prayer is that the difficulty of these departures, and this time of transition, would drive us deeper into the heart of God so that we find our peace, joy, and security in Him and Him alone.

If you have questions about particular situations, please bring them to the Transition Conversation on Sunday. If you cannot come to the Transition Conversation but still have questions, please reach out to a pastor or elder.

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