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Vote results and family meeting reminder

Vote results and family meeting reminder

by Jason Hall on October 22, 2020

Church Family,

I have one item for you by way of update and another item as a reminder.
First, based on the voting from this past weekend, the Elder Body's proposal on a new pastoral leadership structure was approved by the church body. Nearly 88% of our voting members affirmed this direction. The final results were as follows:

  • 345 votes yes - 87.8%
  • 48 votes no - 12.2%

As we explained when presenting this structure, please keep in mind that its provisions will not take effect immediately but over the next several months as we move through staff and ministry re-alignment, find a Vision and Preaching Pastor, etc. We'll keep you updated as we go.

Second, please remember that we have a family meeting this Sunday at 4 p.m. in the Worship Center. Please register here to attend. We will post a video update around that same time for those who cannot come on campus. At this meeting, we will go into some more details regarding the church's financial status, recent decisions regarding staff reductions, and planning as we look toward a 2021 budget proposal later this year.

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