Deacon Nominations

Deacon nominations are now closed.

The office of deacon is the second ministerial office mentioned in Scripture, after the office of pastor. In the New Testament, a deacon was a servant-leader charged with giving care to those in need, freeing the pastors from direct oversight of ministries in order that they might be freed up to teach, pray, and lead. Deacons at Richland Creek have fulfilled and will continue to fulfill the same role of assisting the pastors and serving in caregiving for our church.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the process. We encourage all members to read the information carefully. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to submit deacon nominations.


Who can nominate men to serve as deacons?

Current church members can nominate up to three men to serve as deacons.

Why am I limited to only three nominations?

Our constitution and by-laws limit nominations to three men per church member.

How do I nominate deacons?

We have a link to a secure online form at the end of this page.

How long do I have to nominate deacons?

The nomination window will be open from Dec. 3-17, 2023.

What kind of men should I nominate?

You should nominate church members who meet the qualifications outlined in 1 Timothy 3:8-12. Among other things, these are men who possess a clear testimony of salvation by grace through faith in Christ and have demonstrated a consistent walk with Jesus over the course of several years. Additionally, they must have a reputation as an example of Christlikeness in all spheres of influence, such as family, church, and workplace.

Who are the men currently serving as deacons, and thus do not need to be re-nominated?

Alan Henry; Bill Cramer (Chair); Brian Smith; Dave Runyon; David Cook; Gary Floyd; Glen Goff; Hamp Davis; Mark Tillery; Mike Greene; Paul Teachey; Scott Blum (Vice-Chair); Clay Sturgeon; Jeff Hester; Rob James (Secretary); Allen Smith; Joe Tomberlin.

Can I nominate a woman to be a deacon?

Currently, our constitution and by-laws restrict the office of deacon to qualified men.

How long do deacons serve?

A deacon shall remain in active status as long as the deacon annually indicates a desire and commitment to serve, is a member in good standing, regularly attends the monthly deacons' meetings, and participates in the ministries of the deacon body.

After church member nominations, what is the process for selecting who will serve as deacons?

A Deacon Selection Team will receive nominations from church members, after which all nominees will be evaluated by current deacons and the Pastoral Body for eligibility to serve. Those eligible to serve will be asked to review the qualifications and expectations of a deacon and complete an application.

At that time, the remaining nominees who complete the application will be interviewed by pastors and/or deacons. After interviews, the final candidates will be presented to the church body for a vote by church members. New deacons will then be ordained (if necessary) and installed into the deacon body.

If I am nominated and selected to serve, when will I be contacted?

The Deacon Selection Team will contact men who have been nominated by the church body and are eligible to serve no later than mid-January, 2024.

What are the responsibilities and expectations of a deacon?

Responsibilities include:
• Promoting unity within the church body
• Supporting the pastors and staff
• Modeling the behavior of what it means to be a faithful member of Richland Creek
• Demonstrating a consistent commitment to stewardship
• Caring for church members and others in the community
• Encouraging and strengthening new converts and the spiritually weak
• Ministering the gospel to believers and unbelievers
• Modeling the behavior of Christ to the world outside of Richland Creek – to family, to business, and to the community

Expectations include:
• Attend weekly worship service
• Be an active member of a Life Group
• Be actively engaged in other church activities (e.g., Vacation Bible School, prayer meetings, conferences)
• Participate in a Deacon Care Group
• Attend deacon meetings
• Participate in church family meetings
• Regularly serve In one or more Deacon Service Groups

Does a deacon have to be a church member?

Yes, the Richland Creek constitution and by-laws require that deacons be current members of the church.