Every One A Witness is a churchwide, prayer-driven effort to train members to be more focused and intentional in personally sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We invite you to learn how to share the Gospel, watch others share the Gospel, and then go do it ourselves.

The opportunity to witness about the glory of Christ through the Gospel is grace – the Bible teaches that we have been “given” the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:16-20). All of God’s commands are given for our good, not our frustration, and so it is with evangelism. To not train, encourage and equip Christians for evangelism would be to fail them in their sanctification. That is why loving God in our witness is one of our eight core values as a church.

We want to equip and encourage all church members in their evangelism growth by offering the following opportunities:

  • Learn – learn how to share the Gospel. Below are two videos you can watch and learn why we are to share the Gospel, what is the Gospel and finally, some practical steps to take in sharing the Gospel.
    • Also, check out these additional resources on evangelism:
  •  Watch – We believe the best learning takes place not only with instruction but with demonstration, encouragement and in community. Click the register button below to be paired with an evangelism partner.
  • Go – Invite someone to the Creek. Have a bulletin or church information card on hand and give it to those you meet out in the community. 


Learn how to share the Gospel. Below are two videos you can view and learn what is the Gospel, why we are to share the Gospel, and practical steps in sharing it.


Register to be paired with a discipleship leader (men with men and women with women) whom you can watch. These leaders will model sharing the Gospel to encourage you in sharing your faith.

Register To Be Paired


Pick up a RCCC bulletin or information card and hand it to anyone you know and share the Gospel. Consider a neighbor, service provider, friend, co-worker, health care professional, and so many more!