Giving is Grace

When Paul encouraged the Corinthian believers to give generously to the needs of their fellow believers, he could think of no better pattern than that of the Lord Jesus himself. Christ's example of self-sacrifice, giving all of Himself to us who deserve nothing, is our pattern for giving as well.

This giving is not giving according to greed, guilt, or compulsion, but according to grace. It is, in fact, a great privilege and responsibility for believers to invest their money in God's eternal kingdom work. At Richland Creek, we believe that giving should first be exercised through the local church.

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More than 3 billion unreached people will not have access to the gospel unless believers use more of their resources to reach them. As you prayerfully consider how the Lord wants you to steward your financial resources, take into account the great need to take the gospel to the unreached.

Your generosity can be the key to reaching the world with the gospel.

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Giving FAQs

Why give online?

Giving is worship, but that worship does not have to be confined to a Sunday morning or any particular form of offering. New tools in electronic communication have made online giving an effective and meaningful way for people to give regularly and abundantly. Richland Creek wants to extend those tools to our members and guests.

What about debt?

We do not believe that people should incur debt in order to give to God's kingdom through the Creek. Carefully consider both your means and method of giving as your prayerfully support the ministries of Richland Creek.

We accept credit and debit cards, check cards, e-checks, and ACH withdrawals through our online giving system.

Is this method secure?

Absolutely. We have partnered with companies that provide the most up-to-date online giving portal. This means that each transaction exceeds industry standards for encryption and the safety of personal data.