Job/Ecclesiastes: Summer Life Group Study

During the summer of 2021, we'll be walking through Job and Ecclesiastes, two books of the Old Testament filled with poetry and wisdom. The resources below are designed to help you in your study.

Study Schedule

May 31-June 6 :: Job 1:1-2:10
June 7-13 :: Job 12-14
June 14-20 :: Job 17-1
June 19-27 :: Job 27-28
June 28-July 4 :: Job 36-37
July 5-11 :: Job 40-41
July 12-18 :: Job 42
July 19-25 :: Ecclesiastes 1:1-2:11
July 16-August 1 :: Ecclesiastes 2:12-3:22
August 2-8 :: Ecclesiastes 4-6
August 9-15 :: Ecclesiastes 7-8
August 16-22 :: Ecclesiastes 9-10
August 23-29 :: Ecclesiastes 11-12

Study Guide

Our team at Richland Creek has produced a study guide to help as you read and study Job and Ecclesiastes. You can use it as a supplement to your own personal study of the text. Each week is divided into five daily readings, with questions designed to help you understand the biblical text.

Download Study Guide

Recommended resources

Check out these great videos from the Bible Project, and books to help you in your study.

Trusting God in the Darkness by Christopher Ash - A helpful overview of the Book of Job. Click here to purchase from Crossway or other retailers.

Job: The Wisdom of the Cross by Christopher Ash - An excellent verse-by-verse exposition commentary of Job. Click here to purchase from Crossway or other retailers.

Exalting Jesus in Ecclesiastes by Daniel Akin and Jonathan Akin - An accessible commentary on Ecclesiastes from the Christ-Centered Exposition series. Click here to purchase.