Pastor Search

The Process

The Elder Body, meeting on April 5, approved the formation of a Pastor Search Committee, composed of nine (9) members of the church congregation. Of those nine (9) members, two (2) should be alternates, who will attend meetings and interviews and participate in the deliberation process but not participate in the final vote unless another member of the committee is unable to serve. Additionally, the Pastor Search Committee should be comprised of five (5) men and four (4) women.

The Qualifications

To serve on the Pastor Search Committee, individuals must meet the following requirements:

  1. Church member in good standing
  2. Actively and regularly attending member of a Life Group
  3. Actively and regularly serving the church with their spiritual giftedness
  4. A pattern of regular giving
  5. Demonstrating the attributes of a growing disciple of Jesus Christ

The Expectations

Pastor Search Committee members will be expected to fulfill the significant demands of the task they have been called to do, which may include:

  • Able to attend frequent weekly meetings held on nights, weekends, and/or virtually;
  • Maintain strict confidence with all materials and discussions held within the scope of the committee’s work and function;
  • Able to clearly and effectively communicate verbally and in writing;
  • Able to travel overnight within the country.


Nominations for individuals to serve on the Pastor Search Committee were received by the elder body from April 26-May 10.

Committee Selection

Now that the nomination period has closed, a working group subset of the Elder Body will process the nominations, interview candidates, and submit a final list of recommended members to the Elder Body. Final makeup of the Pastor Search Committee will be affirmed by a vote of the Elder Body.