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    Equipping Evangelism
    05.08.20 | Spiritual Disciplines | Witness | by Jim Gillespie

    [The following is an excerpt from the training booklet, Equipping Evangelism] Download the Equipping Evangelism booklet Tell The Truth The first and most important step in sharing the Gospel is to tell the truth. For I am not ashamed of the...

    Thoughts on Prayer
    04.15.20 | Coronavirus | Prayer | by Jim Gillespie

    One of the greatest things (of so many great things) we have from God through the finished work of Jesus is the ability to talk with God in prayer. Not only has Christ purchased this for us through His redemptive work (Hebrews 4:14-16) but He...

      Getting Over the Fear of Evangelism
      04.09.20 | Witness | by Jim Gillespie

      Sharing your faith is scary. I’m not going to lie, most people find it a little frightening and uncomfortable -- myself included. I think that is the reason behind a lot of evangelism "programs.” The idea is to have some kind of...