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    Radical "One Anothering"
    11.24.20 | Counseling | Community | by Mike Greene

    The Bible contains some 20 to 30 "one another" commands, depending on how you count them. Some are similar and overlap. These commands form the bedrock of our discipleship ministries as they put gospel transformation into simple and practical...

      Sticks and Stones to Apples of Gold
      09.30.20 | Family | Counseling | by Mike Greene

      You have most likely heard the words “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!” Perhaps you uttered these words yourself in a playground dispute or a spat among siblings. This is a flimsy retort suggesting...

        Pandemic in Paradise
        04.27.20 | Family | Counseling | Conflict | by Mike Greene

        An upside to the stay-at-home order is that we have opportunities to spend more time together, to grow in love for each other, to worship together, and to spend more time making disciples at home. That is not to say that the COVID-19 situation...

          Pandemic Parenting
          04.23.20 | Family | Counseling | by Mike Greene

          “Mom, it’s a school bus! Stop calling it an answer to prayer!” Then, there was the neighbor observed peeling the honor student bumper sticker off their minivan; and many are finding out it is not really the teacher’s...