Serve - Safety and Security

Safety and Security Team 
Each team member would be serving one Sunday a month and special events if available. Other areas that are covered additionally: 
  • Wednesday nights
  • Food Pantry days
  • Holidays: Christmas and Easter 
  • Special events: VBS, Conferences, etc. 
Requirements for serving on the Team:
1. Must have completed a new member's class and be a current member.
2. Must be actively attending church worship and a Life Group
3. Must have a background check on file with the church
Two areas a member would serve:
1. Security Member - Randomly assigned a zone to cover during all services for one Sunday a month, Wednesday Night or special event.
2. Medical Member - assigned a service per Sunday, one Sunday a month to be available in case of a medical incident, as well as the option for Wednesday night, special events, etc.

For more information, please contact Aaron Merritt

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