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Special Friends

Must have approved background check on file with Richland Creek Church Office. Click here to view this form.

  • Teach or be an assistant volunteer at 9:00 & 10:30 in the separate class.
  • Be a buddy to a child in their small group at 9:00 & 10:30.
  • Volunteer for our Wednesday Night Class, "Special Friends" (6:30 PM)
  • Serve at a respite (2 hours)
    • Help setup/clean-up
    • Be paired with a child with special needs or a typically developing sibling
    • On call nurses to be present for respite
  • Be willing to be on an “emergency” list to fill in (as a buddy or classroom assistant) if we have an unexpected absence on Sunday morning at 9:00  or 10:30.  
  • Join our hospitality list that provides needed support during difficult times by:  
    • providing meals
    • making a quick grocery store run for a few essentials (such as milk, cereal, bread)
    • providing needed home assistance such as house cleaning, lawn mowing, etc.
    • providing care for children so parents can go to Dr appointments, emergency care
  • Be an event volunteer. Several possible events per year.
  • Send cards to those in the special needs ministry who are going through tough times or recovering from illness.
  • Donate needed supplies to Special Friends programs.
  • Assist with administrative tasks (copies, phone calls etc)
Serve - Special Needs

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