At Christian Karate, our classes are led by highly qualified instructors that have given many years to the study of karate. And while there is much to learn from each of them, our instructors main focus is to build strong, personal relationships with their students to help them grow in karate and life.

Aside from the obvious physical benefits such as increased strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and coordination, one can also expect to gain a sense of self- confidence. Karate also stresses the importance of self-discipline, respect, hard work, and humility. Because I consider this a ministry, it is my goal to not only help you or your child to grow physically and mentally, but also spiritually. That is why we incorporate prayer time and a short Bible Study into our classes as well.

Karate will meet on Thursdays from 6:00pm until around 9:00pm in the Family Life Center

6:00pm - 7:00pm / Kids Class (ages 4-12)
7:00pm - 8:45pm / Adults Class (ages 12+)
Monthly tuition is $40/month.


AU Fitness Martial Arts Academy is a ministry developed to reach out into our communities for the purpose of sharing the gospel. We use martial arts as a tool to bring local people together. We believe that our actions must be intentional and to exercise our faith with care so that lives are touched, changed, and they see Christ in us.  Please see below for our program schedule.  

Our Goal: 
To increase self-confidence, strength, stamina, and agility. We train and workout to use our God-given abilities to strengthen our mind and body for the purpose of honoring HIM. Each student will learn practical self-defense techniques. For students enrolled in the TKD program, Kukkiwon curriculum is used as baseline for mastering poomsae and promotion. For additional information on our program, click here to email us or call 919-649-5319

We offer a number of programs for a variety of ages:
Little Ninja | ages 3 - 5 yrs  {Cost: $30/month}
      -->  Every Friday Only @ 5:30-6:00 pm

  • Warriors for Christ Taekwondo | ages 6 - 9 yrs  {Cost: $50/month}
      -->  Tuesday @ 6:10-7:00 pm & Friday @ 6:10-7:00 pm

  • Fitness/Self-Defense | ages 10 yrs - Adults  {Cost: $50/month}
      -->  Tuesday @ 5:30-6:00 pm

  • Taekwondo | ages 10 yrs - Adults  {Cost: $50/month}
      -->  Tuesday @ 7:15-8:45 pm
      -->  Friday @ 6:45-8:45 pm