Gathered Giving

Gathered Giving Update, May 2024

We've been on an incredible journey together over the past seven months! Through our 'Gathered Giving' initiative, we've raised over $400,000 - That's a huge milestone, bringing our debt down from $5.7 million to nearly below $5 million. Amazing, right? But that's not all! With your ongoing support, we're projected to pay off our loan by 2033, shaving off seven years from the original estimate. Your contributions truly matter and are making a significant impact. Thank you for being part of this journey with us! For full details please watch the video below:

Gathered Giving Update, January 2024

Creek Family - Reflecting on our journey over the past year, we took a dedicated month last October to envision the future of Richland Creek Community Church. We introduced a mission statement that encapsulates our purpose: to glorify God in worship, grow as disciples of Jesus, and go on mission with the gospel.

One key focus has been addressing our church's financial obligations, particularly our $5.7 million debt. Since October, our community has rallied together through the Gathered Giving initiative, contributing over $350,000 towards this cause. The combined effort of various contributions has significantly reduced our debt to $5.3 million, demonstrating the impact of our shared commitment.

We celebrate these milestones not merely as financial achievements but as manifestations of the Lord's work within our community. Today, we encourage you to watch the accompanying video for a more in-depth explanation of our plan, the progress made, and the ongoing vision for Richland Creek. As we express gratitude for the Lord's blessings, we invite you to join us in prayer, thanking Him for His guidance and provision. Let's continue to uplift our church, its ministries, and each other in prayer as we navigate this exciting chapter together.

Gathered Giving Introduction, October 2023

Richland Creek Community Church gathers to glorify God, grow in Christ, and go on mission. To do that well, we must be good stewards of the resources God has given us, particularly our finances and our building.

Gathered Giving is Richland Creek’s all-in effort to invest in future ministry by paying down our debt and maintaining the wonderful meeting spaces we have.

Paying off our $5.7 million debt and providing for building maintenance, while not flashy or extravagant, are essential to our church’s long-term health.

Between now and November 12, we’re asking each giver to make a significant contribution above and beyond their normal giving to get our campaign off the ground.

Consider This

Once we pay off our existing mortgage, we will free up around $41,000 monthly we can apply directly to glorifying, growing, and going. We could strategically…

  • Send more money and workers to overseas mission partners.
  • Work toward planting new Gospel churches, both locally and worldwide.
  • Invest in generations to come by creating new space for our students.

All In Together

If we keep paying off our debt at the current rate, we won’t be debt-free until 2040! We can free up more resources sooner if we go all-in together above and beyond our normal giving to pay off our debt early.

God has given us different resources, but we can all be generous and contribute:

  • If every giver gave up one trip to the coffee shop each week ($16 a month), we could raise an additional $100,000 a year and pay off our debt more than a year and a half sooner.
  • If every giver gave up a restaurant meal a week ($80 a month), we could raise an additional $550,000 a year and pay off our debt more than eight years early.
  • If every giver gave up a restaurant meal weekly AND made a $500 annual sacrificial gift, we could pay off the debt in a little over five years!
Please pray about how you can be a part of Gathered Giving!