DEVOTION: Choosing Humility

    June 28, 2020 | Books of the Bible | Proverbs by Kathryn Guy

    Proverbs 15:33

    The fear of the Lord is what wisdom teaches, and humility comes before honor. (CSB)

    When we start to think too much of ourselves or begin to puff up with pride, we forget who the Lord is. We become fools as we fall into worship of self.

    Proverbs 15 points out two areas we often see our pride expressed – our words and openness to correction. Solomon dedicates at least eight verses in this chapter to how we use our tongue. Do we use our words to defend our pride and inflate our sense of self? Do we stir up wrath (15:1), break the spirit (15:4), blurt out foolishness (15:2)? Or do we pursue peace, healing, and broadcast knowledge with our words?

    We won’t always succeed in using our words for good. When we fail, we can pursue humility in how we handle correction and discipline. We can be slow to anger (15:18), accepting the counsel of godly advisors who point us to righteousness with life-giving rebukes (15:31). Correction doesn’t have to be threatening when we approach it with humility and a willingness to learn and grow.

    The Lord loves those who pursue righteousness (15:9). The prayers of the upright delight him (15:29). As we seek to grow in humility and use our words for life, we learn the fear of the Lord and find our proper place before him. He is God. We are not. 


    • Do your words and attitude indicate pride or humility? Do they bring life or project foolishness?
    • Who in your life delivers godly correction or rebuke? How can you show openness to that kind of correction?


    • Confess and repent of your pride. Know that the Lord forgives (1 John 1:9).
    • Pray for humility, to glorify God rightly, and to consider others before yourself.
    • Trust that the Lord hears and delights in your prayers (Proverbs 15:8).