Adult Life Groups

Joining a Life Group is key because there is no better way to get to know the Creek than by knowing its people. Life groups read the Bible together and talk about living it out in community.

Summer Study: Proverbs/Song of Songs!

This summer, we'll be walking through Proverbs and the Song of Songs. Tap the button below to visit our Proverbs resource page to download reading and study guides, articles, videos, and more.

Proverbs Resources

This Week's Teaching Video

Adult Life Group 5-31-2020

Pastor Jason Hall and Pastor Steve McKinion talk through Romans 15 as we conclude our Life Group study in Romans.

    Connect with a Group during covid-19

    Many of our groups are meeting via Zoom to talk and pray with each other, and to grow in our understanding and obedience to the Word. Here are a list of groups that are welcoming new folks and can't wait to talk to you:

    Led by: Chris Siemers

    This group is great for married or singles adults in their 40s-60s, but is open to anyone. Especially interested in ministering to front-line workers, first responders, veterans, etc. Meets via Zoom on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

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    Led by: Shawn Clevinger

    This is a brand new group that just began meeting. Best for married couples, especially those with kids in older preschool through middle school. Contact for meeting times.

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    Led by: Jason Hall

    This is a larger group that is open to anyone, but especially couples in their 30s-40s. Meeting via a Zoom large group on Sunday mornings, and smaller "Zoom Groups" on weeknights.

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    Led by: Mike Greene

    A loving group led by our counseling director. Open to married or singles, and best for those in their 50s or 60s. Meets via Zoom on Sunday mornings.

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    Led by: Mical McFarland

    A small group great for couples of all ages, thought especially great for folks with preschool and elementary-aged kids. Meeting on Thursday nights.

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    Led by: Lennie Barton

    A group for married couples in their 40s through 60s. Meeting on Sunday mornings.

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    LED BY: Chris Boren

    This group is for couples or singles of all ages, but mainly ranging from 30s-50s. This group is also especially interested in ministering to families of children with special needs, so if that's you, contact them.

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    Led By: Dave Jones

    This group is for couples of all ages, and most members are in their 30s-50s. This group meets in both men's and women's Zoom groups weekly.

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    Led By: Barry Smith

    This group is mainly composed of couples in their 40s-50s, meeting on Sunday mornings via Zoom. This small group would love to connect with you!

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    For Single Adults

    If you are a single adult in your 30s through 50s, then our Intersect Life ministry is for you. Pastor Nathan Brown would love to contact you and tell you more about meeting details.

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    For YOUNG Pros

    If you are a young adult, then our Young Pros group is for you. Pastor Greg Mathias and Kayvan Keshavarz would love to contact you and tell you more about meeting details.

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    For Senior Adults

    If you are 60+, we have wonderful community and fellowship opportunities even now. Jamie O'Brien, our seniors ministry director, is ready and willing to help you.

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