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    Thinking Biblically About Fear
    06.26.23 | Christian Life | by Mike Greene

    Is fear a good thing or a bad thing? The answer is yes! It can be both. Fear is our reaction when something that we value is threatened, whether the threat is real or perceived. When there is a real and present danger, the fear response prompts...

      Marks of a Godly Man
      01.24.23 | Family | by Mike Powers

      What are the genuine marks of godliness in a man? Not just in a human generally, but in a man particularly? Our culture is filled with false and misleading ideas about the nature of genuine masculinity, but none of them offer lasting hope...

        Radical "One Anothering"
        11.24.20 | Counseling | Community | by Mike Greene

        The Bible contains some 20 to 30 "one another" commands, depending on how you count them. Some are similar and overlap. These commands form the bedrock of our discipleship ministries as they put gospel transformation into simple and practical...