At Richland Creek, we desire for 100% of our members to be engaged in missions, discipleship, and disciple-making! There are three ways you can do this:

  1. Pray for our ministry partners and missions teams as they make His name great among the nations. Feel free to grab a Prayer card off the wall!
  2. Give sacrificially to our missions efforts as an investment in the advancement of the Gospel around the world. You can do this here at the church or online at
  3. Go to your Neighbors and the Nations with the Good News of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

We have many missions opportunities going on this year; some will be local, some national, and some international. Be in prayer about where you and your family should go this year!

With all that is going on in Afghanistan currently, the Middle East refugee crisis has returned to the forefront of many believers’ minds. Let me share with you how our Missions Ministry is involved in meeting this upheaval with the Gospel.

  1. This week we sent four large boxes of supplies through our Ministry Partner, Trey W. a military chaplain, to the front lines. Two of these boxes went directly to Qatar for SBC chaplains to use with refugees. Qatar is the “first stop” for many fleeing Afghanistan through US military aid. The second two boxes went to the Netherlands for Trey and his fellow chaplains as refugees are relocated to the Netherlands and Germany.
  2. David P. is our IMB Ministry Partner who oversees all missionary and church planting efforts to diaspora and refugee Persians (Afghanistan & Iran). He is also on the IMB taskforce that is directly responsible for coordinating the IMB’s efforts to mobilize SBC churches for this Gospel opportunity. David and I communicate regularly regarding their efforts and our partnership with them.
  3. David B. is our Ministry Partner in Sweden. He and his family engage Muslim background refugees with the Gospel who have relocated to Sweden due to war and hardship in their countries.
  4. “John & Ellie Smith” work as IMB missionaries in a war-torn country in the Middle East with refugees. Many have been driven from their homes by ISIS or other militant Islamic groups and are looking for hope. John and Ellie tell them about the One who gives us hope.

In all this, I would encourage you to consider the Book of Acts as we pray and mobilize. In Acts 8:1-3, it was persecution that led to a dispersion of believers from Jerusalem into Judea and Samaria as they fled from Saul and the Jews who sought to imprison or kill them. However, what man meant to stop the spread of the Gospel multiplied it.

Inversely, we now have an outpouring of Muslim refugees fleeing some of the most “closed” and persecuted countries in the world, and arriving in countries where our missionaries can freely engage them with the Gospel. Pray that God would use this dispersion for His glory as He brings about a revival amongst these peoples.

As you pray for our Ministry Partners and those we are engaging with the Gospel, pray about how you can get involved. More opportunities are coming in the near future, but for today, consider giving to our Missions Ministry as we support our Ministry Partners around the world, or give directly to the SBC Relief program for Afghanistan.

Send Relief Afghanistan

Our Ministry Partners and I are grateful for your support and prayers as we seek to faithfully, “Make His name great among the nations!”


Nathan Brown

Missions Statement

Richland Creek Missions fulfills our vision for making His name great among the nations by:

  1. Partnering with church planters and missionaries, who share our “Creek DNA” for the uncompromised teaching of God’s Word and uncompromised proclamation of the Gospel.
  2. Through these partnerships, we focus on Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting, and Pastoral Equipping opportunities in some of the least reached areas of the Globe.

In this we fulfill what we see modeled by the early church in Acts 14:21-28.

Partner Care Ministry

Our Partner Care Ministry pairs up members of Richland Creek and their Life Groups with one of our Ministry Partners serving here in the US or around the world. The purpose of this Ministry is to encourage and support our partners in the difficult, and often discouraging, work of the Gospel. This way we build real relationships with our partners, share information about their ministry with the church, pray for them regularly, and participate in Mission Trips to work with them.
Check with your Life Group Leader to see if your Life Group is participating in this ministry!

Missions Training

At Richland Creek, we desire for all of our members to be effective and passionate stewards of the Gospel! To help equip our members in this life defining task, we offer 3-4 week long quarterly training classes on Wednesday nights. These classes will familiarize you will everything Richland Creek Missions and equip you take the Gospel across the street and around the world! We encourage the entire church to participate in one of these classes, but it is required if you are going on a Richland Creek sponsored mission trip.

Visit with Pastor Nathan to see when the next Missions Training Class will be offered.

Short Term Trips

Did you know that 84% of Short-Term Mission Trips are to the most evangelized parts of the world that only make up 1/3 of the population?
While it is critical that the Gospel continue to go forth in every place, our focus with Short-Term Missions at Richland Creek is to specifically target these least reached areas in the US and around the World.
We do this through our partnerships with church planters and missionaries who live there, engage people with the Gospel, disciple them in their faith, raise of leaders and pastors, and plant churches.
If you are interested in one of our 7-10 day mission trips, please grab Short-Term Missions Flyer from the Missions Hub!

Midterm Missions

Richland Creek's Midterm Missions program trains and equips members to spend a summer, a semester, or a year serving with one of our Ministry Partners.
If you are a student that is thinking about what to do this summer, or looking at graduation and want to spend some time on the mission field before the "real world" comes knocking, or a settled adult feeling God's call to the nations, or maybe even a retired couple that desires to stay busy for the Kingdom in retirement; what are you waiting for?
We have Ministry Partners here in the US and around the world that would love for you to serve with them as we seek to make His name great among the nations!

Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.

-Psalm 96:3