Our Mission

Richland Creek Community Church gathers to glorify God in worship, grow as disciples of Jesus, and go on mission with the gospel.

We believe our simple and straightforward mission is in keeping with Christ's commission to his disciples and represents the values expressed by faithful gospel-preaching churches for thousands of years. We value obedience over novelty. Further, every aspect of our mission – as we glorify, grow, and go – is saturated with the Word, prayer, and the Gospel. These three elements undergird, overshadow, and inform everything we do.


Gathering is not one aspect of our mission; it describes who we are and what we do as a church. If we fail to gather, we fail to be a church in any discernible way. Our weekly worship service, at 9 and 10:30 on Sundays, is our primary meeting time and the best way to understand who Richland Creek is.


When we gather in worship, we glorify the Lord by lifting our hearts up to him in singing, prayer, and listening. We value unity in our worship, and so each of our services has the same singing and the same message. We also value active participation in worship, so we include songs that appeal to multiple generations and encourage everyone to sing.


A disciple is someone who trusts, follows, and obeys Jesus from a heart of love, and helps other people do the same thing. Every time we gather we aim to grow more toward this vision of what a disciple is and does. Foundational in our discipleship are our relationships with one another and our commitment to the Word of God. For many people, the second step of growth at Richland Creek (after worship) is joining a Life Group. We also offer equipping classes to strengthen our understanding of God and His Word. What's more, we don't believe discipleship is just for adults – we want to partner with parents to equip coming generations in our Creek Kids, Creek Students, and Creek Special Needs ministries.


We gather to encourage one another to go and take the good news of Jesus to the world, from our neighbors to the nations. We believe that every Christian has been called and gifted to go somehow, and in some way. From local compassion ministries like our Food Pantry to short-term mission trips around the world to a vision for planting churches in our area and beyond, Richland Creek always gathers to go.