Equipping Disciples of All Ages!

Join us Wednesday Nights (6:30-7:45 pm)

  • Combined class for men and women in the worship center.
  • Six topical classes with each class lasting two weeks. Topics will include: all sufficiency of Scripture, spiritual gifts, demonic possession and oppression of Christians, God’s sovereignty, Biblical counseling for everyone and Identity in Christ.
  • Living as Christian in today’s world requires that we know about our faith. Is Scripture sufficient in all of life’s challenges? Is God really sovereign over circumstances? If so, how do I reconcile that with suffering? What is the purpose of my spiritual gifts? Are demons really a thing? All of this and more will be addressed in this class. Come join us!
  • Class is for everyone - Worship Center

  • Separate classes for men and women.
  • These classes teach the fundamental disciplines of spiritual growth and disciple-making. We focus on the eight goal areas that every Christian should be engaged in if they are truly submitted to the lordship of Jesus Christ along with additional subjects that are vital to our Christian growth.
  • We desire every member and attender of Richland Creek to be in a discipleship relationship with a mature believer who can help teach them to grow in our goal areas and become a disciple who makes disciples. Together we will walk through fundamental spiritual disciplines of spiritual growth and disciple-making
  • For more information contact Claudine Snyder at
  • Men’s class - Rooms 121 and 122
  • Women’s class - Modular A
  • Hispanic Class available for Discipleship Foundations in Room 112-113.  For more information contact Ricardo Sanchez ( ).

  • Separate classes for men and women.
  • What is identity? Where do we get our identity? What effect does idolatry have on identity? These crucial questions will be addressed along with other topics such as the image of God, cultural influences, identity theft and how to protect our identity in Christ.
  • One of the greatest challenges in the life of a believer is to properly understand and live out our true identity. That identity, which answers the question “Who Am I?”, should be based on what it means to be In Christ. We will address what identity is, how identity is formed and what it means to be In Christ.
  • Men’s class - Rooms 124 and 125
  • Women’s Class - Backstage

Most Recent Lesson

List of Classes and dates in the Worship Center


All Sufficiency of Scripture

8/25 - Modern prophets and other false teachers
9/1 - Secular curriculum in the church


Spiritual Gifts

9/8 - The use and misuse of spiritual gifts today
9/15 - Baptism of the Spirit and speaking in tongues


Demonic Possession & Oppression of Christians

9/22 - Demons, who they are and what they do
9/29 - Demonic effect on Christian and spiritual warfare


God's Sovereignty

10/6 - If God is all powerful and all loving, why do terrible things happen?
10/13 - Can Christians mistakenly usher in the anti-Christ?


Biblical Counseling for Everyone

10/20 - How to apply the Word to  your problems
10/27 - Marriage how to have a Biblical check-up


Identity in Christ

11/3 - Who am I in Christ?
11/10 - Roles in the family and the church


Question & Answer Panel

11/17 - Panel question and answer
Several Pastors and Leaders will be answering questions sent in from people attending the classes.




  • Wednesday night Adult Life Group.
  • Pastor Nathan Brown leads this group, meeting in the Fellowship Hall.
  • Created with the intention to allow those who are busy serving and attending worship on Sunday mornings to participate in a life group, but open to all!

Creek Kids

  • Our ministry desires to see children grow in their love for God and their love for others. Because of this, a new program has been developed. Discovery Pointe is a curriculum created by the Creek Kids Leadership team, working with select parents. Its goal is to not only teach children important truths found in God’s Word, but lead the teachers deeper into their understanding. Each month children will memorize a Bible verse and learn about a missionary partnership Richland Creek has, all in a fun and safe environment.

special needs

  • Our ministry desires to see all of our students and families participate in the body of Christ. This fall we will begin a new curriculum leading us through the discipleship goals we have identified as a church to Love God and Love Others. Classes available for elementary, youth and adult ages.

RC Students

  • Our Student Ministry has on-campus Overflow Student Worship for Middle and High School students at 6:30 pm.
  • Our ministry is kicking off the fall semester on Wednesday, August 25th with a night of prayer and worship. The following week we will begin our study in the book of Judges. Our D-groups (discipleship groups) will be walking through the Grand Narrative of Scripture.
  • For more details about what's happening, check out the RC Students page.